Zindagi Ki Mahek – Who is Shaurya Khanna?

Viewers of Zindagi Ki Mehak have lost their sleep on this puzzle in last few days. Suspense twist turn, a road on which this show is riding fast these days.

Show has managed to keep everyone on edge from the time Shaurya Khaana was hell bent in getting married to Mehak in ten days. Was his love that deep or was it his revenge plan to leave her on altar shattered? His sudden heart change from cruel business man to caring lover boy, Was it real, or all of it was fake? Did that one slap from Mehak really changed him or that actually put founding stone for more manipulative vicious Shaurya Khanna in future? Everyday a new question, yet no answer to be found.

The creatives of this show has so far knitted a beautiful love story and still managed to keep layered Shaurya khanna under wraps. They have created a puzzle whose layers always leave audience with assumptions and some more assumptions.

Who is actually Shaurya Khana? A Business tycoon who did played revenge card on Mehak or He is King of Manipulation who managed to manipulate everyone. Did he plan all this just to divert attention to his love story to defeat all his rivals in their own end game. Was it never love, was it all manipulation, alot to reveal in few day.

Ultimately who is Shaurya Khanna? An Enigma for audience and privilege for writers who is yet to be explored.

To know Stay tune to Zindagi Ki Mehak to explore this puzzle finally and you never know you might be surprised again.