‘What is young adulthood if it does not leave behind a love story?’ – Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone gets candid on love, life, relationships, heart-breaks, marriage and more!

Q) Deepika you are constantly in the news for your love life. Comment!

What can I say? I have never hidden anything from the media but they still keep writing something or the other about my love life, and I cannot do anything about it. But as some great people have said ‘what’s young adulthood if it does not leave behind a love story?’ So in that case I guess its okay.

Q) Talking about love, is it true that though one is shattered after a heart break he/she is saved from a lifelong of misery?

Absolutely true! When broken-hearted one is no longer under an illusion and starts looking ahead. Not only with me, have heart breaks happened with all teenagers and youngsters.

Q) From your personal experience how difficult or easy is it to balance a successful career and a love life?

If your love life does not weigh you down, then nothing is difficult. Everything is acceptable in love but there should be a sound understanding between the two persons

Q) Do you have deep trust in your love?

I think if one trusts oneself then all the problems will be solved. Because everything can change but you cannot.

Q) What about marriage? Do you think it is destined?

Absolutely! And why only marriage all our activities are connected to God and destiny. That’s why go wherever life takes you and don’t try to plan too much because things are already planned for us. Just take life as it comes.

Q) Do you believe that you are God’s special?

I have great faith in God, and especially so in the Siddhivinayak temple. I believe I am his special child because God has always sided with me. Whenever I have a problem I go to Siddhivinayak temple. God has given me all that I had never ever dreamed of!

Q) There’s a lot at stake in your high profile career. How do you handle failure?

Just by positive thinking! I firmly believe when we start thinking positively even the negative forces start turning positive. I also meditate and try not to think about my failures. Disappointments and problems vanish and the mind becomes peaceful.

Q) You are a huge star today but are you satisfied with your acting career?

To quite an extent, yes, but as an actress I still have a lot of dreams. Having said that, I have achieved far more than I ever thought, and am very happy with my career

Q) You have not done a single film with Salman Khan. Any particular reason for that?

I definitely want to work with Salman but frankly no good script was finalized, and if any time a script was finalized the dates could not be adjusted. I have a strong desire to do at least one film with Salman.

Q) What tips would you give to a girl who wants to become an actress?

I would say that if you are determined then nothing can stop you from becoming an actress. When I came into the industry I did not know anyone but I made a place for myself with my hard work and my talent. Anyone can achieve that, one just has to be honest towards one work. Work hard and the results will be fruitful!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena