Wrap Up May: High Points of Your Favorite Shows

And the month of May comes to an end as well. This month we had some amazing high points in our favorite shows where the leads turned grey for a while and amidst that there were some revelations too. Here we bring you five such shows and the scenes that can be possibly called as the high point in this month of May.

Mukhi and Aru marriage: when the show first began off we certainly had an idea that Aru and Mukhi are going to get married under unusual circumstances but we surely did not have idea that those circumstance would be so weird. It so happens that Dharmishtha under the influence of Mukhi’s sister runs away from the wedding with all the jewelry too. Now in this Mukhi’s sister requests Aru to sit as the bride in place of Dharmishtha and Aru agrees to it but only under the condition that Mukhi is also made aware about this development. Now a misunderstanding takes place and Aru married Mukhi oblivious of the fact he has no clue about this. The confrontation that takes place after Mukhi knows about the truth is definitely the high point.

Pragya and Abhi marriage: So well this does not make sense because pragya and Abhi did not marry. In fact the marriage of Tanu and Abhi gets scrapped for another time again. Well we did have clue about it. We were pretty sure that wedding was not going to take place but we absolutely did not think that Pragya might take the bad road and sit in place of Tanu. It was obviously not successful but that courage to go the twisted way. That does deserve applauds.

Neil’s confession for Avni: Naamkaran has been entertaining us with the story of Dayavanti Mehta and Avni and the way the revenge drama is taking place. Amidst that it was pretty shocking that Neil blurted out his feeling for Avni but taking the name of his past lover who is apparently dead now. So all this while Neil was attracted to Avni because she reminded him of his love who was dead. Now that is some twist in the tale.

Nisha’s truth out in open: Nisha Jindal has been playing with the people of Aditya’s family like a puppet. Right from the beginning of the show she has been making people dance to her tunes –laying the cards of misunderstanding and using “I am the perfect bahu” card. And boom. The makers chose to make her truth come out in open and let everyone know about it. The shocker was Kaka doing her Shradh in front of the family.

Kirti speaking out for herself: In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata this month it was balanced with Naira and kartik starting out their new life. While Naira and kartik did come to their ancestral house after kartik realized his mistake it was a good refreshing change to see Kirti finally speaking out for herself. Kirti not only did speak out but Aditya’s truth came out in the open with Manish taking a stand for his daughter and not worrying about anything else except her.

Share your views with us and let us know in the comment box below what was your absolute favorite in this month of May.

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  1. alex said:

    Yeh Moh Moh ke Dhaage is the best show ever loving aru-mukhi A LOT……what an unusual yet so perfect onscreen pair!!