The trend of grey shaded characters has taken the Indian Tv by a storm. We have seen many shows that have taken up the concept and aced it successfully too. Well the upcoming show of Zee TV has a similar concept. There were a lot of speculations about the character of Ridhi Dogra Vashisth after seeing the first promo of the show Who Apna Sa.

And fans you are in for a treat because the second promo of the show has come up and it is all confusing, intriguing and GREY.

The promo shows how Ridhi aka Nisha thrashes her daughter by saying how her NO means a NO. Saddened by the order of her mother the little girl turns around to see Disha teasing her and making her giggle and smile.

Right then the screen sweeps to another screen where Aditya requests Nisha to make her father cross the road and well this is a shocker as Nisha leaves the old man’s hand. Well don’t worry everything is safe as Disha comes again to save the man’s life followed by Nisha who acts totally innocent and confused.

Now this is something because people Ridhi tweeted about the promo saying Meet Nisha, when she is good she is good but when bad she is better. Ridhi Dogra as Nisha totally nails her character in style. We have seen Ridhi performing different characters where she has likewise played the maiden in-trouble previously. In any case, watching her like this is a flat out treat, where you can see her straight-confronted, plotting and the dark shades of the character; all performed with artfulness.

One thing we are excited; to see these ace actors perform their part because people Who Apna Sa seems to be a royal treat for the fans.

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