Will Jealousy make Rangeela realize his love for Shivani ?

Life OK’s gritty rural drama Ghulam is all set to see a new side of Rangeela (Param Singh) in the upcoming episodes. Wondering what new side and why?

As known to all Shivani (Niti Taylor) is Rangeela’s wife, who the latter married only on the orders of his master Veer (Vikas Mankatla). As a slave Rangeela has done everything that his master says without hesitating one second. But will his demeanor remain the same once he realizes what his relationship with Shivani truly is?

Veer has started to fall in love with Shivani and this will be mark the beginning of a change in Rangeela. The young lad will be heart broken after knowing that his master has fallen for Shivani and this will be reflected in his changed attitude as well.

Jealousy is a feeling that makes every human being salve to one’s true feelings. It’s a mirror which reflects what truly lies in one’s heart and looks like Rangeela is about to see what’s in his.

Though Rangeela married Shivani for his master, the thought of losing his wife to Veer will make Rangeela feel emotions he has never felt before.

It would be truly interesting to see fan favorite Param Singh portray the various changes in Rangeela from a slave to the master of Shivani’s heart.

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