Will Avni’s best friend be the one who breaks her home and family?

What happens when you best friend breaks your trust? What happens when your backstab’s you? It is a scenario that none of us wishes to be in, and we hope that Avni (Aditi Rathore) of Star Plus show Naamkarann also never has to experience the same because the pain and heart-break that one experiences when your best friend backstab’s you is something that cannot be expressed in words.

While many of you are sure that Ali (Gautam Vig) Avni’s (Aditi Rathore) best friend will go to any extent to separate AvNeil especially since he is under the influence of Riya (Nalini Negi) and Shweta (Shruti Ulfat); many of you are ready to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that when the time comes friendship will win against conspiracies and manipulations.

The best thing about this scenario is that it can swing either ways. Ali can be selfish and fall for Riya and Shweta’s words causing immense pain to his best friend or he can rise above such manipulations and prove that he is a loyal and caring friend…that Avni’s friendship means the world to him regardless of whether he loves her or not.

From what I have seen, and I am sure you all will agree when I say this ki Naamkarann is quite different from the other shows of Star Plus.The writing and creative team believes in their craft and has almost always delivered quality work. Their writing does not sway when the TRP’s do, and for most parts they deliver the complete opposite of what viewers expect taking them by surprise. Another reason could be that this is a Mahesh Bhatt series who has given Indian Cinema memorable movies like Arth, Saaransh, Tamanna, Zakham (Which Naamkarann is based upon) and many others. All these factors encourages one to believe that when push comes to shove Ali will prove to be a loyal friend. But there is always the probability; even if by 0.01% of things going the tried and tested way which means Ali will break Avni’s trust and friendship for selfish reasons. This would pave way for more drama and we all know Star Plus loves its share of drama.

All Avni ever wanted was a home, her family and a name that gave her an identity. Yes, she does not need a namkarann ceremony; especially when it was denied to her- to give her an identity. As Avni Ayesha she has done things that not even a child whose proper naamkarann was done could/would do – fight against the injustice done to her mother, and put her parents killer behind bar. But today as a married woman she has a home, a loving family and husband (even if Shweta doesn’t accept her) and an identity ‘Avni Neil Khanna’. Neil- her husband who is an honest police officer by profession married her after knowing who she was in real. Ever since he has only stood by her, supported her and accepted her with all his heart. True, she is still living a lie. Her family with the exception of Neil and now Shweta knows her as Ananya Verma and the day that truth comes out it would break the trust and bond that has been formed. BUT if that happened at the hands of Ali then one can’t even fathom what Avni will go through.

The last two episodes have given us every indication that Ali plans to use the truth about Avni’s identity (Avni’s Birth Certificate) to separate AvNeil. But the million dollar question is ‘Will Ali decide to use said proof to hurt his bff?”. If Ali decides to use it then he wouldn’t be breaking AvNeil but Avni’s home and the relations she has formed. It is true that relationships based on lies will never survive. But there is a difference between Avni herself revealing the truth and Ali revealing it. The impact of the latter one would be brutal because it will come across as deliberate cheating and lying. On the other hand Avni revealing the truth may have its own downside’ but at least once things settle down everyone will appreciate the fact that Avni admitted the truth; and that can help Avni built her relationships again.

It is a given that Shweta wants Avni out of her house and away from her son. With Avni planning Shweta and Prakash’s 25 Wedding Anniversary party and Bebe agreeing to be a part of the celebrations with all her heart along with accepting Shweta as her bahu; it is yet to be seen whether or not there will be a change in Shweta’s resentment towards Avni. But will it be too late by then? Will Ali bring out the truth about Ananya Verma being Avni Ayesha in reality?

Avni has gone through a lot of hardships as far as family is concerned. Neela has always been there for Avni but it is as Neil’s wife that she has found a family – her own family. Avni is a confident and strong young woman but I do believe that tearing her away from her family won’t be something Avni will be able to handle. Yes, she has Neil by her side, and he has promised to try to the best of his ability to not let her heart break but for a girl who has been subjected to the taunts and bitterness of the world; getting accepted by Neil’s family is way too precious that one can comprehend.

Will Ali subject his best friend to another round of such cruelty? Only time will tell.

Author: Vijitha Rajan