‘It will be another three months before I recover completely’ – Kapil Sharma

As he promotes his film Firangi, Kapil Sharma comes clean on his depression, his drinking and the controversy about his quarrel with Sunil Grover and more….

Q) After Kis Kiso Pyaar Karoon, you are back with your film Firangi. What is the USP of the film?

Firangi is an interesting subject which is set in the 1920s when our country was under British rule. The film tells you how all British were not bad. My grandfather used to tell me how when he helped a British who had slipped into a pit he was offered a job by him! Firangi talks about such acts and how a young Indian man is happy working with them as a guard opening umbrellas, cleaning cars etc for them. Then there is a twist in the story for which you will have to watch the film.

Q) How was shooting for the film?

The film was shot in Punjab. I wanted to shoot there because I had not seen the winters of Punjab and told my director Rajiev Dhingra about it. So we put up an expensive set but unfortunately when we reached there we could not shoot because of the fog and after that there was one or another problem due to which the shoot was pushed to April. So the actors shot the summer wrapped in blankets!

Q) You are a comedian but Firangi sounds like a serious film.

The film is not serious. People think that since it is set before partition the subject is serious but it is not. It is a light-hearted film. Like today there were people in love during that era which is shown in Firangi. My character has many sides. Sometimes he is a lover, at other times a servant of the British and at other times a child.

Q) What was your prep like for the role?

I did not have to do any prep for the film as the whole film was like my baby which was developed in front of me. We worked on the script for a year during which, every scene and every dialogue was ingrained on my mind. Playing the character was very easy for me.

Q) Actors would come on your show to promote their films and now when your film is releasing your show has been pulled off.

We are planning to go to several cities to promote the film. That way we interact with the people and also promote Firangi and then the media is there. And anyway I have already promoted the film on my show and I really don’t need television to promote it.

Q) The director Rajiev Dhingra is making his debut with Firangi. How was it working with him?

Rajiev is my childhood friend who has been with me during my low phase. He has very positive energy. In my low phase he was always by my side. After Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon became a hit I was flooded with scripts on similar subjects. But when Rajiev showed me the script of Firangi I decided to act in it and produce it.

Q) Who would you blame for your depression?

Some on myself and some on circumstances. While shooting for Firangi a co-star who with who I was shooting passed away. One day I gave a shot with him and the next day he was found dead in his room. This affected me deeply and I did not want to go for the Australian tour but since the tickets were sold I had no choice. Once there an actor from the team had an argument with a girl and when I scolded him Sunil (Sunil Grover) stepped in and the fight snowballed. This further depressed me. Then the negative media reports further aggravated the situation and I locked myself in a room for almost 12 days with my dog and I took to drinking. But then I went in for treatment and am much better now but it will be three months before I recover completely.

Q) So you would say drinks ruined you?

Yes, but to an extent but then thank God for friends who helped me come out of the situation.

Q) Will we see the Kapil Sharma show soon again?

It should be back soon and I wish everyone associated with it is back because the show is incomplete with all the actors.

Q) What lesson have you learnt from these mistakes?

That I should never repeat my mistakes, never to drink again and make my own decisions instead of listening to others. Now if I do make mistakes they will be new ones!

Q) There were some reports about your break up!

I am still not so open to talk about my break-ups.

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena

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