Which character of Star Plus defines Nayi Soch?

In 2010, Star Plus came up with a tagline called “Nayi Soch” which promotes a new and improved perspective on various topics. Post 2010, they promoted every show with the tagline of “Nayi Soch”. We must say that they presented viewers with some path breaking characters that truly defined and promoted Nayi Soch. Here, we bring you four choices of current path breaking Nayi Soch characters so tell us which character among these four is your favorite?

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Team TellyTadka


  1. Ashika Hoque said:

    I like Neil from Naamkaran!Bcoz He is so cute!And His Acting skills are also so fabulous!!I just love him…💯💖💯

  2. taranritu said:

    undoubtedly kartik in.every aspect this character has na hi soch being a damaad he is son of singhaniyaas n mohsin has enacted very naturally

  3. Zeba said:

    Neil’s role is superb 😊
    Awesome acting!
    Dabanngg of Television 😘
    Zainu 😍😘😘😘😘

  4. Niharika kansal said:

    Neil from namakarann had only perfectly for this title of star plus nayi soch

  5. Neha Kapoor said:

    Neil bcoz his acting is undoubtedly naturalistic he is doing fantastic job in Namkaran n he is the example of an ideal husband 😘😘😘

  6. Shaziya shaikh said:

    Zain is the best actor he is very cute and handsome zain acting is veryyyyyy best superb awesome

  7. Sneha singh said:

    Obviously neil from naamkaran coz he is so cute nd dashing man. Nd I love the character so much😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  8. Khushbu rajesh wadhwa said:

    Naamkaran is the best show.. It has all the mixtures of nayi soch…❤❤❤

  9. Siddhi said:

    Neil from Naamkarann.
    Being an ACP, he’s the perfect officer who believes in correcting & removing negative from culprit rather punishing & finishing one. Also Neil knows how to balance and respect personal relations whether it’s his mother or wife. Neil supports his wife in each & every situation, fight for her respect & gives her tremendous respect. Neil maintans best relation of understanding with his in-law’s side too.
    So Neil is the perfect character for Star Plus Nayi Soch in all the aspects. Zain Imam who’s the best in every way is playing the character of Neil Khanna.

  10. Zaiba said:

    Zain imam who is the police officer and because he supports her wife in every bad situation and he also help avni to fight against her birth name like najayaz

  11. Navz said:

    Anikaa…her self respect and confidence and never giving up attitude characters make her unique and she is nayi soch

  12. Suvrasmitarout said:

    Amla Abeer Anand from kya qusoor hai Amla ka…. true nayi soch no drama no nonsence pure story and strong character….. how a rape victims fight with her won fear and stand for her justice.. .. An awesome love story

  13. Aastha Garg said:

    Adiza aka avneil is best…..i must say bestestest(breaking grammar rules)😜