“When the Magic fails to flourish fully on screen”- Editing and continuity issues in KY2

“The notion of directing a film is the invention of critics – the whole eloquence of cinema is achieved in the editing room”. Orson Welles has beautifully mentioned in this quote that pure and effective work of cinema can only be achieved through editing. It shows how strong a part editing plays to deliver the right message of the story to the audience. In this article we will discuss how and where editing is lacking or not upto the desired quality and at times also leads to the missing continuity in some scenes of MTV popular show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan?

Recently we have a lots of complain about editing issues in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan. Fans are not happy the way scenes are be butchered from the show. We have paid attention to the fans complaints, and watched and re-watched the scenes carefully to find that their claims are true and that the editing department indeed is doing a botched job

In one of the recent episodes of KY2 to be precise Ep- 215, one can see a clear case of continuity issues. The scene in question shows Manik closing the door once he and Nandini enter the room, but when Nandini slips and Manik holds her, one can clearly see the already closed door wide open in the background only to be shown closed yet again in the next shot. No idea whose mistake it was, whether it happened while shooting as the director simply ignored the continuity part in rush or the editors who used the wrong clip while editing, because of the many retakes. But the point remains even if it’s a live editing, still switcher need to switch camera’s on right time.

Let’s talk about episode 233, when Manik calls out to Nandini’s while at the hospital, his face was facing to the left side whereas Nandini was standing on right side. While we are fully aware that this episode was shot and aired when Parth was hospitalized recently; which left the makers and editors with no choice but to use his old clips to fill his absence still we can’t help but wonder why the editor chose to edit the scene the way it did instead of using mirror effect at least using a Nandini scene that was shot on left side to avoid such glaring faults.

In episode 240, we have seen how Manik and Nandini were trying to save themselves from wood dust, and Manik hugged Nandini by pinning her to the wall. Sorry to say but the beauty of the scene was stripped bare of any brilliance as the editor outright butchered the scene, as the immediate next scene showed that Manan were standing near a water fountain. It was purely bad editing and was glaringly evident that there were two different shots rather than the same scene continued.

In the intimate scene of Manik and Nandini in episode 244, many shots were horrendously done- Thanks to bad editing. Instead of showing the full bed scene of the couple from toe to head the scene was shown in two clips with a white and black fade in, with the length of the clip not allowing to enjoy the scene and rushing through the face part. That part was added into the scene like the thinnest thread. The camera movement should have gone smoothly from toe to head, because actors were in good intimate position. Also when Manik kisses Nandini on her right cheek the reaction given by Nandini was the same as that when Manik kisses her right arm which clearly shows that it was repeated. In other terms they showed the same reaction twice, before the arm kiss and after the arm kiss. Don’t even talk about the neck kiss it was ghastly. If the aim of the creative team and writer was to show the romantic – pure aspect of the relation then it should be presented in such a manner too. Viewers should feel that connection which was totally missing from this scene. Why get an actor to deliver his/her best only to edit it out in such a way that their work looks ‘Meh’!!! Editing should enhance the product not leave a bad taste in the mouth of the viewers.

Last but not the least, in the episode of 246, where Manik and Nandini were talking on staircase. The reaction scene by Manik was showcased twice from both angles. And this is not the first time something like this has happened. We know that there are always be 2 to 3 camera angles while shooting a scene, but we have to be careful while switching the cameras in editing or editing the same in a way that it wouldn’t be shown twice with different angles. From the left side it showed he smiled, but front side he was serious and then smiled. As a reaction scene it was good, but because of bad editing it looked silly.

There are many scenes we can talk about it, but the point remains. A movie or a show or an episode comes to life truly not in when it’s being shot but when it is in the editing room, on the editing table. That is where the magic created by the writers-director-actors come to fruition.

We do understand that it isn’t a cake walk for the cast and crew to shoot an episode, edit, and telecast in a span of hours but if we such trivial things are looked into carefully it would make a whole lot of difference and will leave a bigger and better impact on audience.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan airs every Monday to Thursday 6:30pm at MTV. Stay Tuned!!!

Written By : Muniza Riaz


  1. saamya said:

    Thanks for being the voice of our fans on this regard. The scenes u have mentioned look normal in comparison to some major editing issues which had happened during mangalore track . One whole manan dance was edited out…