Voice of Audience – The Missing Colors in the Much Awaited Night of Dev and Sonakshi

Dev and Sona have finally consumed their marriage after 10 long days. Just like DevAkshi we as viewers were eagerly waiting for this moment; the scene was much awaited. However it was a scene that could have much more.

A little boldness could have taken the scene to another height and needless to say it could be a little more real touch. Consummation without a single kiss, without any kind of intimacy; their pre-marriage romances were much more intimate than this. However there were definitely plus points like the ambiance, the mood, and most of all Sharica. I would definitely like to point out Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandez’s brilliant body language with special mention to Shaheer. He was simply flawless…every movement, his eyes, his smile, the way he carried her, the way he drew the curtain, the way he walked toward her, the way he kissed her hand…and the cutest part was forehead touch and Sona doing it a second time and Dev’s expression to that. They were beautiful.

However lack of intimacy was really an eyesore considering the characters have gone through a lot to get this moment in their life. The costumes were also a big NO. They could have shown them wearing the same dress throughout; however if they were showing changing clothes then obviously more bold attire was call of the night…sleeveless, off the shoulder gown would have been a perfect attire for Sona, and Dev could have been in more casuals. Having said that I still must say both looked amazing in their clothes, but this is supposed to be their surprise romantic date culminating into consummation. This kind of full body cover attire neither fit with the characters’ mood nor with the essence of the scene.

Since their wedding for one reason or the other they could never make it. Dev’s impatience, Sona’s craving everything could have been reflected in their attire which did not happen. Some moments deserve special mention though like Dev saying he is not traditional but he feels sindoor makes him feel that she is only his. The champagne, the bonfire everything just added to the feel making the entire evening even more special just as Sona wanted to gift to her husband. The entire build up was beautifully done and so lack of intimacy in the ultimate scene left a lot of dots at the end…

The scene in totality was actually very well written and directed. However this scene is more fit to be just a romantic scene between two lovers deeply in love and definitely it has no marks of a consummation scene between a husband and wife who have been waiting for the right opportunity since their marriage 10 days back.

Fan – Aditi B

Disclaimer: This article has been written by a fan and Telly Tadka has nothing to do with the opinion expressed in it.