Voice of Audience – Fans want to see HaYa’s Unique Story to Come Alive!

Last week was a disaster on Shakti with too much focus on just one character, Surbhi and repetitiveness of the story line. The start of the week, we were anticipating more focus on Saumya and Harman and we got some much awaited HAYA dream sequence. However, the latest promo with Surbhi in a veil is dampening the excitement we felt Already due to overdose of Surbhi and other drama) excluding Harman and Saumya scenes which were just of 2-3 mins each) trps fell from 3.4 to 2.9 even with a MahaEpisode. This clearly indicates that even trp audience wants to watch HaYa and their struggle and Harman finding Saumya alone. If we go by trps trends of Shakti, every time the focus is on HaYa trps have raised even to 3.5.

We would like you to consider that this story is about Saumya’s journey, her struggle to accept her astitva and then to stand for the rights of her people. It is a journey of Harman, in his finding of love for Saumya, against all odd. It is a journey of HaYa and their love story, a unique love story that has never been seen before. It is the story of HaYa as to how they fight the world together. Their love story is not easy and will face many societal challenges, as well as family struggles, in their strive to gain acceptance. We, fans want to see this Unique story come alive. We want to see how Harman becomes Saumya’s Shakti and guides her to stand and fight for the injustices. Shakti stands to redefine the love between a kinnar and a normal person and stands to help change the mindset of people.

We urge you to focus on intense emotional scenes between Harman and Saumya, in the backdrop of the drama and showing their interactions with all the family members. We want Harman to be strong and Saumya to fight back and become strong. We do not have “fake brides”, 2nd marriage for Harman. We want to more of Nimmi and her fight to find Saumya. We want to see how Preeto is put in place by Raavi and Chachi and not one sided rant of Surbhi. Also please give deserved screenspace to Harman n Saumya. They are the leads of Shakti.

HaYa don’t need hand-holding, hugging,or kissing which all the TV couples are doing more or less anyway. HaYa are unique because they have magnetic charm to slay without doing any of these. We want them reunited so that we can see emotional bonding between them. Thus, CVs can show they are no less than any normal couple yet they different in their own way.

Bhawana (an ardent Shakti /HaYa fan)