Voice of Audience – Fans demand love track for RagLak

RagLak has an unique past, from a relation by fate to love blossoming: We demand a unique upcoming story, no neglecting

We are really thankful to Rashmi Sharma mam and Colors tv for the unique concept they brought with RagLak: fate is written, end of the day you will have to accept it.. and you will be happy.
RagLak is really a Rab ne bana di jodi.
This is the story about two odds, a story which is truly destiny based which makes normal people believe that it is God who is the one to decide the future not the human beings.
this is the story of a girl named Ragini Gadodia, a pure marwari girl, a girl next door, innocent who have regard of elders and whose life is managed by her grandmother (dadi maa) who hates bengalis and who is against modernism
Ragini who has grown without a mother is a shy , traditional and quite.
This is the story of a Rebellious guy Laksh Maheshwari who enjoy life through hidden means and wants a life partner who is modern enough to walk in his kind of society .
Ragini and Laksh came together under one roof due to their families who fixed their alliance. where Ragini in an instance started to consider laksh as her husband and loved him immensely but Laksh never wanted Ragini type of traditional girl as his life partner.
Laksh broke his alliance with ragini once due to his father, but ragini’s love never changed.
Destiny brought them together again due to Laksh’s mentally disabled brother sanskaar, but Laksh later broke his engagement with ragini again as he fell for Ragini’s sister swara.
Tears were written in poor Ragini’s destiny but her love remain unchanged.
The story more complicated when Laksh’s brother sanskaar manipulated and brain washed ragini to take revenge from his own brother and family. Easily influenced ragini tried everything with the help of sanskaar to get laksh’s love but it was the right time. over a night Sanskaar changed his mind but ragini couldnt and took a big step by pushing her sister off the bridge to marry laksh. and As planed by destiny Laksh and ragini got married.
The story further got more complicated when Ragini’s sister wanted to bring out the truth but Ragini didnt wanted to loose laksh at any cost. She took all the wrong ways and there was no stopping . But the truth did came out leading to a rejection by laksh again. Feeling backstabbed again ragini tried her level best to torture everybody but every time was stopped by Swara.
The tables turn when Laksh pretended to fall in love with ragini and forwarding a proposal to re marry again. once getting laksh’s love ragini got everything, mended her relation with her sister whom she always loved.
BUT on the marriage spot laksh married someone else, a girl named Kavya betraying ragini, thats when karma happened and as Ragini took swara’s place and married laksh same how kavya took ragini’s place. that time Ragini realised what she did, further more laksh in a state of revenge slapped ragini’s father and announced that he will never love ragini.
Broken again ragini took all the blame of miseries of her family and sister on her and attempted suicide almost dying . she exactly faced what she made her sister face.
Realising all her mistakes ragini mended herself. But her love for laksh never changed. backstabbed by kavya laksh with his full family was behind the bars when ragini freed the women by putting her mother’s jewellery at stake. Laksh saw how she helped him and his family even when he was the root cause of her changes every time.
Ragini got stabbed while saving swara and laksh’s life thats when laksh realised that he always loved ragini but never realised his feelings as he thought that she wasnt his type.
He proposed her again and not once ragini questioned him: her love for laksh was bigger than anything.
facing difficulty due to family but Laksh and Ragini did get married and This time happily.
Finally laksh loved his ragini and wanted a beautiful future with someone as beautiful as ragini, he considered his wife as a little kid whom he thought to protect forever. ragini love did got its place.
AS it is said that soul mates are decided in skies, laksh and ragini are such soulmates. ABOVE REVENGE, HATE, PLANNING, PLOTTING, BETRAYAL, WAS SOMETHING AS BEAUTIFUL AS LOVE WHICH WAS DECIDED BY THE GOD HIMSELF AND HOW MUCH EVER THE WORLD AND THE HUMAN THEMSELVES TRIES TO RUN AWAY. NO ONE CAN RUN FROM THE DESTINY. Jinhay milna toh kuch bhi ho wo mil hi jatay hain. THIS IS THE STORY OF A COUPLE jinkay moh moh ke dhagay aek dosray ki ungliyo mai ja uljhay. ragini ka laksh aur laksh ka, aww mera bacha, ragini ❤️
After such a beautiful story, after making us fall for RagLak, believe on their love, support them everytime, we just expect more of them.
Their story had many ups and down, Ragini’s heart got broken not once, not twice, but many and many times.
We want to see Laksh’s love for Ragini now.
As Laksh said once he realised his feelings for Ragini, he can’t live without Ragini..
We want to see him saying this again..
We know.. at the end Ragini will be only Laksh’s, as RagLak are only for each other.
But with the upcoming episodes, we want their bond to be stronger, their love to be deeper, such as no one will be able to question on it.
Intensity is RagLak.
We want something which will make EVERYONE feel it.
You gave us Ragini and Laksh, Ragini and Laksh made RagLak, fans made RagLak fandom.
Please listen to this fandom, bring back RagLak: Ragini and Laksh are also part of Swaragini.

Thank you.

Hoping our voice will reach to you and you will listen to us.

#Rup & #Yush from the side of whole the RagLak fandom.


  1. Raglak said:

    Your comment… Thank you for your support for Raglak thanks for all raglak fans you are the best and we love you and thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

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    Your comment…all raglak fans tell you thank you and raglak best couple and best actors in the world thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

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    Your comment…thank you so much raglak fans we want thank you and love you and you are the best

  4. Aisha said:

    From one year we raglak fans still waiting a good track for #RagLak.. our admins put so much efforts for a beautiful raglak track.. oftentimes we all r crossing the limit of begging only for our favourites we love them so much.. but anyone didn’t notice us.. they are still busy with other couples.. we have no problem with other couple..but we only want equal importance and beautiful incense love track.. which they never ever give us.. boath tejasswi and namish have massive fan following we can do anything for our favourites and this show.. but makers should gv us a beautiful raglak track.. anyway thank u #Rashmi mam n colors tv for gv us a adorable couple..