Voice of Audience – “Fans Demand Krishnadasi Season 2”


Indian television is said to nurture many new Concepts and ideas in recent times and one of those was “KRISHNADASI” with Aired on colors tv. Launched in January 2016 it had a successful 9 month run till 12th October 2016 clearing way for Big Boss Season 10.

A show with different, challenging and never tried concept on Indian television made huge amount of viewership and fandom. Even after being aired at a late time slot of 10:30 pm it was most of time the “slot leader at 10:30pm”. Even with such a late time slot it’s trp was decent enough and a lot for the late time slot. Even with very very less promotion from the channel it created huge fanbase. And even till date remained consistently the “NO-1” show on Colors UK(sources-BizAsia,Twitter). The lead couple Aryan-Aradhya also know lovingly as #AaRa by their fans played by talented actors Shrvan Reddy and Sana Amin Sheikh have got huge fan following for their amazing chemistry and acting skills. But due to time slot problem the show was axed very soon. The show has many plots and points that can and has to be explored. If given a chance it will reach higher heights. A show like “KRISHNADASI” has great potential and a couple like #AaRa whose chemistry couldn’t be utilized to its best due to lack of time. Therefore the fans demand a Season 2 for the show to continue to explore its strength. To complete and give us a proper AaRa story. It should be given justice it’s fan should get justice. The fans also demand Season 2 with the same cast for its essence not only one else. Only #ShrAna as #AaRa

AaRa Fan


  1. Nainaa said:

    Krishnadasi has been one of the best shows in recent times, with stellar performances from the cast. It has so much untapped potential. Shravan Reddy and Sana Amin Sheikh have sizzling chemistry which ought to be explored more. Also for a show aired so late, and with almost nil promotion from the channel, it has consistently maintained a Trp above 1.0 for around 9 months. That itself is applause worthy and says a lot about the huge viewership the show has received. The channel and PH should definitely come up with a second season with the same cast. Aara’s story is still incomplete. So much left to be shown. It’s only fair that AaRa and Krishnadasi fans are given back their favourite pair in their favourite show for a second season. We demand Krishnadasi Season 2 with Shravan and Sana.

  2. Crazy..Sheeba said:

    Want Krishnadasi Season2 with Shravan Reddy ,Sana Shiekh Indira Mam nd Udday Sir…

  3. Sabrina bintr siddique said:

    Yes plz we want our shrana back in kd2.. Plz vipul sir fulfill our this dream.

  4. Anwesa said:

    Thanks for posting it.Hope our wish will be fulfilled with season 2 with our Shrana as Aara

  5. shiji krishnan said:

    Ya true we want kd s2 only with shrana. .no one can take their place …We can’t imagine kd without them. ..so plzz come kd s2 with shrana …

  6. Rachana Noble said:

    Exactly… Want season2 with the same cast…for God’s sake… Pls

  7. muna said:

    Thank you sooòooo much tellytadka for the article????? WE WANT _KRISHNADASI_ SEASON 2 WITH SHRAVAN AND SANA✊✊✊✊✊

  8. Ranjita said:

    Yes we and Aara back. I don’t have any shoe to watch. I am literally dying. Please save me

  9. shivangi sharma said:

    please we all want krishnadasi season 2 with sana amin sheikh and shravan reddy . pls AARA come back ……………………………………………………………

  10. shivangi sharma said:

    I am big fan of sana amin sheikh and shravan reddy .
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