ViTharv OR ShivIka – Which couple according to you is the most passionate with an unbeatable chemistry ?

Released almost around the same time in 2016, Star Plus’ then new shows Jaana N Dil Se Door and Ishqbaaz paved way for the entry of two new beautiful onscreen Jodi’s. With amazing chemistry and stellar screen presence these two couple who went on to become the favorites and newest obsession of fans in a rather short period of time.

The two Jodi’s in discussion are Vividha-Atharva popularly known as ViTharv from Jaana Na Dil Se Door and Anika-Shivaay popularly known as ShivIka from Ishqbaaz.

Both mesmerizingly unique in their own way there is no denying the fact that the love-story of ViTharv and ShivIka touched new heights in the world of Indian Telly.

But out of the two which couple depicts passion in its most brilliant shade? Out of the two couple which is the one couple who has given love-story a new twist?

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Let us know your thoughts through your votes!!!

Team TellyTadka


  1. reguram said:

    Vitharv vis nice , shivika is just amazing , really different couples , differentluv all these DIFFERENCE make them awesome

  2. Anupama said:

    Only vitharv. There is no need of comparison.
    Vitharv r the real soul mates. In vitharvs love there is not much intimate moment as the second pair have
    Bcz vitharvs love is sacred which connects bw two soul nt bw 2 bodies. Vitharvs eternal love defines the actual nayi soch by struggling with the society for win their love.Atlast their true love won.
    So no doubt nly vitharv is the superb pair with unbeatable sizzling passionating chemistry in the whole TV Industry.
    No other pair in starplus can never reach their near even
    One nd nly vitharv vitharv vitharv sacred love bw souls?????????????

  3. Linah said:

    vitharv is the best… their sizzling chemistry is just out of this world.

  4. faaz said:

    VITHARV is best no one can beat vitharv nd their chemistry is just awsm

  5. Anshika Tiwari said:

    Vithar r best.. ❤❤❤?? VIVIDHA N ATHARV
    My Favourite Jodi.. After Armaan n Riddhima.. ❤❤??

  6. 2VAS said:

    Well said……..Chemistry should be sweet and simple so that every one enjoys it , not very intense. Shivika is too cute to ignore. Just love them SWEET AND EVERGREEN Chemistry. Atleast we can watch them with our family…..

  7. Anu said:

    When it comes to shivika, there is no other couples who can beat them……they are so real……i just love love them!!!…..??

  8. Priya said:

    Shivika is d best pair ! We got amazing scenes before confession and we will get even more amazing scenes after confession . Any one who watch this show will get addicted very soon ! The first 100 episodes were the best no serial can beat the magic of those episodes!! Love you ib n shivika??

  9. Vandana said:

    My all votes goes to vitharv???they r just amazing.. Luv them?????

  10. yuvhasree said:

    Shivika is everything n no one is important then shivika …. Shivika love is the love I have not been seen anywhere ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. aisha said:

    yeah shivika rock ….their chemistry is amazing lovely dovey #ishqbaaz

  12. Zartasha malik said:

    Shivika ?? the best jodi with love and great chemistry ❤