Vandana suffers a heart-attack in Sony TV’s Beyhadh.

In Beyhadh’s game of Chess that took place bet between Saanjh Mathur (Aneri Vajani) and Maya Mehrotra (Jennifer Winget) the latter checkmated the former by producing false evidence in the court which led to Ayan (Sumit Bhardwaj) being proven guilty.

In the upcoming episodes of the show Vandana (Swati Shah) will be seen begging Arjun (Kushal Tandon) to save Ayaan which Arjun refuses to do because he believes Ayaan attempted to rape Maya and therefore should be punished.

Vandana will be heart-broken to see her one son behind bars and the other still blind to his crazy wife’s antics. Vandana will be walking away from Arjun when she gets a heart attack and collapses to the ground. Arjun leaves Maya and runs towards his mother’s as Maya stands behind fuming as once again Arjun’s love for his family supersedes her psycho games. Arjun will be seen rushing his mother to the hospital and dead worried for her life.

Will Vandana breathe her last? Will Saanjh be able to prove the truth?

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