The Unwanted Wife – By Natasha Anders *Book Review*

Book Excerpt: All Alessandro De Lucci wants from his wife Theresa is a son, but after a year and a half of unhappiness and disillusionment, all Theresa De Lucci wants from her ice cold husband Alessandro is a divorce. But, fate has other plans because Theresa is about to discover that she’s finally pregnant and Alessandro is about to discover that he isn’t willing to lose Theresa. No matter what.

Sandro: “I have a wife who loved me once, and who maybe… someday, would dare to love and trust me again? I don’t have to be here… but I want to be here.”
Theresa: “Too many things have happened between us. More than two years of pain,” she whispered “I can’t go back to being the naive girl who loved you with all her heart.”
Sandro: “But maybe… the woman who replaced the girl could find a way to love the flawed man she’d once placed on a pedestal he had no business being on?”
Theresa: “You’ve hurt me so many times,” she confessed.
Sandro: “I know.”
Theresa: “In so many ways” she said again
Sandro: “I know.”
Theresa: “Why should I forgive you and love you again? Why should I open up my heart to a man who would probably crush it in the palms of his hands?”
Sandro: “You probably shouldn’t,” he smiled bitterly. “But I wish you would.”
Theresa: “I can’t,” she whispered
Sandro: “I know,” he finally said again, before lapsing into silence.

How can anybody feel vulnerable after reading a book?

Check out “The Unwanted Wife” because that is exactly what this wonderful book by Natasha Anders does to you. Sometimes even a work of fiction gets you worked up; and you have to remind yourself that it’s fiction… it is just a book. A standalone book this is one helluva roller-coaster ride from start to finish.

Like several readers out there I too enjoy the emotions encased in a good angst –fiction, but at times the whole thing can leave you drained. While this book does not leave you drained; the anguish contained within the pages manages to touch the reader’s heart. What struck me about ‘The Unwanted Wife’ is how this book which is pure fiction was laced with a modicum of reality. As you read the book you are led to feel and believe that this is a truly and entirely plausible plot. And when you start to feel like that you tend to feel the joy, pain, anger, heart-break anguish or the ‘N’ number of feelings/emotions that emanate from the book.

I am sure most of you would agree to the fact that there is no worse feeling in the world that to be alone. Our heroine Theresa has a husband, has a father and is still all alone in this world. Over the course of her marriage Theresa learns that her husband Alessandro (fondly called as Sandro) does not love her. He wants nothing to do with her; except for her to give birth to his child- A Son. Not wanting to live a loveless life Theresa does the only thing there is left to do; she asks Sandro for a divorce. But, our hero has other plans and refuses to give a divorce. A chance overhearing of a phone conversation between the two men in her life paves way for Theresa finding out the real reason behind Sandro wanting nothing from her but a son, and the role her father played in all of it. At this point in the book you’ll know, and agree to the fact that what Theresa discovered was the worst kind of betrayal a woman could ever face. With a new found resolve to get her divorce; Theresa embarks on a new journey, but what she did not anticipate is her husband – Sandro falling in love with her, and that too after 18 months of marriage. Fate does have a strange way of showing up on one’s life and as the book progresses you’ll be happy that it showed up in Theresa’s life.

As heart-wrenching her story was Theresa is undoubtedly one of the toughest women characters I have come across in the literary world. Her transition from the naive girl who was hopelessly in love to the woman who had the power to rock Sandro’s world will cause you to do a ‘fist-pump’. When you lose faith in somebody who you loved from the depths of your hearts…with every fiber of your being; it is kinda hard to have that faith again. But in the matters of the heart you got to have a little a little faith…a little hope. Right? Does Theresa find it?

Coming to our male lead Sandro; when you come across him for the first time you are filled with instant dislike for the man. But as you sift through the pages and discover the man he comes across as one of the most contrite and ‘redeemable’ hero ever. What happens between the book’s lead couple is not either one’s fault. But to an extent the way Sandro treats Theresa regardless of whatever agreement he had with Theresa’s father tells your heart to keep him at an arm’s length. But Ms. Anders writing; the way she pens down the redemption of her male lead, how he mans up to accept his mistake, goes about to win his wife’s trust, her love… and will stop at nothing helps you change your perception.

Usually when it comes to fiction it is very hard to find said characteristics in the male lead because he is almost always the ‘Typical Alpha’ which means he acts like a jerk every now and then. But with Sandro that is not the case. As you read you can actually experience his transition and from the moment he starts mending his ways there is not one scenario/scene where you could hate him even if you wanted to. Ms. Anders manages to make the transition convincing because the whole thing had a certain flow to it which was very natural and logical which is hard to come by in a standalone book.

There are several interesting aspects to the book. For starters a major portion of the book revolves around Theresa’s pregnancy; to the point where you may even say that it is the base-plot. This is quite interesting because anything pregnancy related in fiction usually tends to be just part of the story’s plot but here it is used in a different manner making it a more intimate read.

But what takes the cake – is the changes we see in Theresa and Sandro. The character growth is beyond amazing. If I were to sum it up it would be ‘her strength’ and ‘his redemption’ that makes the read worth it. Sandro is devastatingly good looking. The intimacy the couple share is beyond great…like fire blazing great and the chemistry is explosive but, none of these factors allows Theresa to brush aside the real problem in their marriage; like most book heroines. Which trust me happens more than you can think of when it comes to world of books. In The Unwanted Wife, no matter what Theresa desired, what she hoped and wished for; the fear of a heart-break topped every other emotion and she stood her ground on wanting a divorce. She transformed into a woman who wouldn’t allow her heart to be trampled over ever again. Same goes for Sandro – his redemption cannot be summarized in words. It was that genuine and heartfelt. From the moment he learns that his behavior, his attitude, his anger, his hate were all misplaced to him moving heaven and earth to make amends, to win Theresa’s trust and love is a pure joy to read. What can I said I admire a writer who can call a spade a spade. Just because he was a typical alpha did not mean he shouldn’t be humbled down. Sandro’s confession towards the end of the book, the way he bares it all and every piece of the puzzle falls into place- That to me was the icing on the cake. And honestly Sandro being humbled made him more of an alpha hero than one who objectifies women and uses sex as a weapon to get what they want- even if it is forgiveness. Again you will be surprised how often that happens in the literary world.

Apart from reviewing the book I will also be giving faces to the characters in the book. Keeps it interesting don’t you think? Famous current onscreen couples, possible couple, evergreen-hit couple from the past; coming to life through the pages of a book -What fun *wink*.

If I were to give Theresa and Sandro from ‘The Unwanted Wife’ faces it would be none other than Surbhi Chandana and Nakuul Mehta who are currently seen in Ishqbaaz as Anika and Shivaay. Wondering why? Well for that you will have to check out the book. glimpse at the collages used above will also give you a peek into why NaRbhi are best to play the characters.

Overall ‘The Unwanted Wife’ is a great read. If you are a bookaholic and you love a good angst book with a HEA then grab this one. I am willing to bet you will not put it down till you are done.

Reviewed By: Vijitha R.