TV Siblings Giving Us Some Serious Goals!

Friends and relationships come and go. You grow out of hobbies, interests and even the ‘finding oneself’ phase but if there is something that is a constant in your life, it’s your siblings or the closest thing to your siblings i.e., cousins. They are a pain in the butt most of the times, getting you in trouble being their favorite pastime. Yet they are also your partners in crime, fighting your battles with you and sometimes for you. Usually the first ones that stand up for you before anyone else does. All those unplanned trips to your favorite ice cream place, infinite number of movie marathons and countless fights over the TV remote, your favorite snack or the week’s chores will always be special because there is no one else you would rather do it wit. They are your best friends, biggest critics as well as your biggest supporters.

There are way too many (tons) great sibling bonds out there in the real world but the TV world has given us quite some amazing sibling teams as well. Here are some on TV right now that give us some serious goals.


One is incredibly Naïve, the other a spoilt brat and the eldest, the most mature and super protective of the lot. Right from the very beginning, there were no reasons to not like this very good-looking trio and as the show progressed we were only given more reasons to fall in love with the “O-bros” as they are now fondly called by fans and the show alike. This cousin team of three not only gave Indian TV a much needed break from all the sister oriented shows on air but also proved that bromance is definitely the way to go! From fighting the evil-sister-trio to singing their signature song with aprons on, these guys make everything look incredibly cool and refreshingly macho. Probably the only sibling team on TV that enjoys as much fan following as the couples on the show.


While one found her reason to live, the other the reason to fight and survive. They were two lost souls who found comfort in each other and thus became each other’s biggest strength as well as their biggest weakness. Anika and Sahil found themselves in each other and as incredible as that sounds, their story of loss, courage and love is as inspiring as it is tragic. This sibling duo can go to any extent to protect each other. The fact proved when Anika didn’t think twice before getting into a 1 day contract marriage with Shivay in exchange for her little brother’s life.


They are probably the most relatable brother-sister duo on TV as well as the most ideal one. Growing up in a normal and loving family, these two enjoyed all the typical brotherly-sisterly stuff that you do when you grow up with one. From trying to get on each other’s nerves, teasing each other to no ends, fighting over the most random stuff to covering for each other’s goof-ups, this sibling duo has done it all. Losing a mum & growing up has made them both mature & more responsible. Naksh has always been super protective of his baby sister. The fact making it so much more difficult for Kartik to earn his trust. Naira too has also proved time and again that she has no boundaries when it comes to her big brother; he’s the only person that she has ever lied for to her papa.

Sonakshi- Saurav

It’s usually the big brother who always protects and takes care of the baby sister while the baby sister gets to enjoy being the brat out of the two, however for this particular duo, the equation isn’t quite so typical. With Saurav playing the role of the less mature and irresponsible brat, Sonakshi plays the role of the over protective and responsible grown up of the house. That didn’t however stop them from being each other’s biggest cheerleaders and support. Saurav always made sure that when it was his time to step into those big brother shoes, he did it without any hesitation & took care of his responsibilities especially towards his baby sister.


They might be step brothers and one might have hated the other one’s mother. That still did not stop these two from becoming the thickest of brothers. Arjun considered Ayaan as his only family for a long time before his views on his step mother changed. Always getting him out of trouble and covering his back when he’s out creating trouble while Ayaan fulfills his part as the “younger spoiled child” part by always making sure there is enough excitement in both their lives while also ensuring peace among the mother-son duo and they continue to do so. These two can give even the O-bros a run in the best-looking siblings contest.


Separated because of their parents’ divorce, these two went from disliking one another because of their manipulating mother to eventually finding their love for one another to yet again be separated with Ruhi being kidnapped and kept away from the family for a really long time. Aditya fought real hard to ensure that he got his sister back to where she belonged with him and their family and eventually succeeded. These two have always been partners in crime whether it was going against their scheming mother or in getting their parents together or even handling their little sister Pihu. Also being each other’s biggest support with their respective passions.

That was our list. Let us know who your favorite brother/sister duos are and why they are your favorites as well.

Geetha Reddy