#TTYearEndPoll: Best Actor In A Negative Role (Female) on Indian Television in 2017!!!

#TTYearEndPoll and Awards 2018!!!

Second and Final Stage – THE AWARDS!!!

They make life a living hell and trust us when we say you don’t want them as your wife, your sister-in-law, your mom or even your distant relative- Yes!!! We are talking about the ‘VAMP’ – The antagonist in a series who makes things hellish for everyone especially the lead protagonists. They add spice to the show and bring about the ‘DRAMA’.

Vote for the TV’s Female Antagonist (Female) who according to you deserves to be declared Best Actor In A Negative Role (Female) 2017!!!

START DATE & TIME: 1st December 2017 @ 10:00 PM (IST)
END DATE& TIME: 3rd December 2017 @ 10::00 PM (IST)



  1. Abhineet Bhardwaj said:

    Character Maya played by Jennifer Winget was not Negative at all others who were acting like saints and provoking her are the main villain in #Beyhadh So Maya is not at all Negative 😒😡