‘It’s true earlier I would speak broken English’ – Kapil Sharma

Making people laugh was no challenge to him and it didn’t take him long to wriggle his way into the hearts of television viewers and the biggest celebrities! We catch up with Kapil Sharma who will soon be seen in his second film Firangi .

Q) Kapil the subject of your film Firangi sounds similar to Lagaan! It is set in the British era, has two leading ladies, one an Indian and one a foreigner as it was in the former. This may or may not work for the film!

I think it will work for the film because when we make a film we get an idea how it will do. I got very positive vibes during the making of Firangi. And as for comparison with Lagaan I take that as a compliment but there is no similarity between the two. There is no love triangle like there was in Lagaan and the foreign girl’s role is a different track altogether.

Q) Amitabh Bachchan has given a voice -over at the starting of the film like he did for Lagaan.

I am very grateful to Amitji for taking time out and giving the voice-over for my film. He is like God to me who promptly agreed to lend his voice the moment I asked him to. There are very few people like him in the world and I am happy to have got his blessings for Firangi.

Q) Which is the most memorable scene for you in the film?

For me every scene is memorable because I am the producer of the film. But if I were to mention a heart rending scene it would be the one that my mother has done!

Q) Your mother is not an actor so how did you get her to agree to act in Firangi?

When the director would say ‘Light, action, camera’ my mother could not comprehend. Then I told her how to do the scene by gesturing. She understood that and quickly gave the shot. She has not seen the film but I am sure she will be thrilled once she sees it!

Q) Heard that your new show will start soon. Will Sunil Grover be part of that?

I cannot comment on that right now because I have said what I had to. All friends have arguments and fights. The director of Firangi, Rajiev Dhingra is my childhood friend and I had about 40 fights with him but we are still friends. If Sunil Grover values our friendship he will be part of the show.

Q) All your friends who were part of your show have benefited from it. You have been a true friend indeed!

That’s because I don’t know how to make new friends. All my 4am friends like Bharti Singh, Sugandha Mishra, Chandan are very old. It’s not that I have anything against making new friends but in Mumbai people have a very profession relationship to friendship. That’s why I could not make too many friends in Mumbai.

Q) You are always making fun of your English. Are you really weak in the language?

It’s true my English is not good. Earlier I used to speak broken English but it has improved tremendously ever since I came to Mumbai.

Q) You are a name to reckon with today. Have you been offered a role with any top Bollywood heroine?

No! I guess I don’t fit into that image. Just as the shooting gets over I eat my parathas and relax! Also no one takes me seriously because of my image as a comedian.

Q) Would you do a film with Deepika Padukone even if your role was not good?

You are teasing me but yes I am a huge fan of Deepika and would do a film with her even if the role is not good!

Q)Deepika’s film Padmavati which was to release on December 1st has been pushed and Firangi has taken the slot.

Deepika and I are like family so I had to get that slot! Just joking! Frankly I am feeling bad that the film is surrounded in controversies. Everyone has worked so hard on the film. As for all this talk about chopping off heads is terrible.

Q) You think comedy is taken seriously in India?

Earlier it was not taken seriously but today comedy is a serious business! The deal for the Kapil Sharma show for one year was 100 crores. So yes you can see comedy is a serious business now!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena