Trailer of Omung Kumar’s ‘Bhoomi’ is heart-wrenchingly powerful – REVIEW

Voice 1: Ek ladki ki wajah se poora mohalla badnaam.
Arun (Sanjay Dutt’s character) : Na yeh mohalla rahega, aur na badnaami rehegi

And just like that the tone of the movie is set!!!

When the first look of Sanjay Dutt-Aditi Rao Hydari starer Bhoomi directed by Omung Kumar and
Produced by T-Series & Legend Studios was released, it was hard to come up with the perfect adjective to describe the same. In short at first glance, words fell short to express the feelings stirred by the poster. The shot was of blood dripping from the mouth of the character featured on the poster – presumably Sanjay. It was intriguing and we wanted to know more about the movie which boasted of Sanjay Dutt’s come back to the world of cinema.

A second poster was unveiled recently which gave the audience a tad bit more insight as to what the movie was about. The poster featured Sanjay and Aditi, where Sanjay – who plays Arun in the movie is seen embracing his daughter Bhoomi played by Aditi. Emphasis should be given on the embrace, as it was more on the lines of a father shielding his daughter from every harm that dares to come her way. While Aditi who plays Bhoomi looked traumatized, Sanjay’s expressions – that death stare in particular, spoke volumes of the storm that was brewing inside and around him.

After being teased for quite some time; today the audience were finally treated to the trailer of the movie, and I have to say by the time the trailer ends you would feel the chills trickling down your spines. Exploring the relationship between a father and daughter; this emotional revenge drama’s trailer is gripping, thought-provoking and hard-hitting.

As stated in the trailer this is the story of a father-daughter duo torn apart by fate. Set in Arga (Opening shots gives us glimpses of the Taj Mahal), we are introduced to Arun singing the Ganesh Aarti. Five seconds into the trailer and we get quick shots of a search party looking for someone, a door of a van opening and several goons trying to control a girl (Presumably Bhoomi), Bhoomi being decked as a bride, a shot of the antagonist of the movie essayed by the very talented Sharad Kelkar, and a rather interesting shot of a empty movie hall with only three occupants – Sharad’s character, his sidekick/brother and an either unconscious or dead man. Intriguing isn’t it?

The scene cuts back to Arun doing the aarti and reciting the line “Andhe ko aankh det, koddin ko kaya, baanjan ko putra det…” which leads to Bhoomi questioning her father regarding the age old issue of gender discrimination still prevailing in our society – ‘Baanjan ko putra kyun? Putri kyun nahi?”. The next shot leaves you numb as we see Bhoomi falling into a river (She could have jumped or been pushed). Her head is bleeding, her sleeves are torn and she is looks lifeless (for the lack of a better word) as she falls into the depth of the river.

Like every father Arun too has a concept regarding the groom he is looking for his daughter and he feels Neeraj (Sidhant Gupta) is exactly that. The next few shots reflects the beauty and depth of the father-daughter bond, their small yet happy life; and it definitely brings a smile on your face. And that is perhaps why you feel strongly for this father-daughter duo, when fate or should I say fate created by a beast (Refusing to acknowledge a man who abused/assaulted a girl as ‘human’) tears their world apart.

“Hamare Dhaulpur mein ek kahavat mashoor hai – Save the water; ab Agra mein mashoor hogi – SAVE THE DAUGHTER” and just like that Sharad Kelkar makes an impressive entry. Sharad is an amazing performer and his body of work both on Television and in Films testifies to that. Having said that I have to admit that it was quite disturbing to hear the very voice that mouthed the iconic dialogue “Aurat par haath daalne wale ki ungaliyaan nahin kaat tey, kaat tey hain toh gala” from Baahubali 2, deliver the line above.

The trailer then takes a different route and we see Arun and Bhoomi battling it out with the baddies, with the society, system and everybody who decided that they could judge them, defame them and write their fates as they pleased.

What I gather from purely watching the trailer is that Bhoomi who was about to get married to Neeraj gets abducted on the day of her wedding. This changes Arun’s and Bhoomi’s lives forever. Arun tries to take the help of the cops to find his missing daughter, but as always instead of doing their job; the cops may have tried to point fingers as Bhoomi which is why see an angry and out of control Arun at the police station. The survivor – Bhoomi is subjected to a series of rapes (Read- character defamation) in the court of law where the incident that occurred is painted as a ‘STORY’. The society as always continues to remains spineless and turns against the girl. They make her life a living hell without once thinking that the next Bhoomi could be their daughters, sisters or wives. Also a close look at the trailer half convinced me that the third – unconscious/dead man in the movie hall in all likelihood was Bhoomi’s groom – Neeraj. But I think we should wait for the movie to release get better clarification regarding this aspect.

The trailer ends on a high note where Arun addresses his own daughter as ‘Characterless Ladki’ with tears in his eyes and a quivering voice. We are sure that this wasn’t an acknowledgement but the reflection of a father’s anguish when his daughter is subjected to character defamation in the court, before the very law that swears to protect every citizen who has been wronged.

“Ek second lagega tujhe maarne mein, lekin nahi… tujhe har din maroonga; har second maroonga” is perhaps the most powerful dialogue in the entire 2 mins 40 seconds trailers. For a perpetrator ‘rape’ may be an act that lasts only for that moment. But for those who go through such horrific incidents and survive; it changes their whole life. It leaves a physical, emotional and mental scar that stays with them for a long time, perhaps forever and that too for not fault of theirs; when in reality it is the perpetrator who should endure extreme agony, who should be subjected to a life where they die every second of every day. And this is exactly what the dialogue delivered brilliantly by Sanjay Dutt resonates.

As far as the trailer goes Omung Kumar has managed to grab the viewers attention in this 2.40 min trailer. This definitely comes across as a perfect comeback vehicle for Sanjay Dutt and he shines in the role of Arun. He delivers an Intense and powerful performance as the father of an assault victim. The transition from helplessness to determination, the fight against all odds to protect his Bhoomi leaves you wanting more. After a stunning performance in Mani Ratnam’s Kaatru Veliyidai, Aditi’s performance in Bhoomi is yet again riveting. There is a certain vulnerability and an earnestness she brings to her portrayal of Bhoomi and it makes you connect with the character. Sharad Kelkar is surely going places. After giving voice to one of the most iconic characters ever to be produced in India – Amarendra Baahubali and a brilliant performance in Star Plus series Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai it indeed is surprising to see Sharad essay the role of a baddie in Bhoomi. He slips into the character effortlessly and you forget that he his previous two works earlier this year leaned towards the protagonist side of the spectrum. Kudos to the actor for such a menacing performance.

We’ve had quite a number of movies revolving around similar topic in recent times such as Mom and Maatr. Additionally we also have Sanjay Dutt’s movie Pitah which revolved around a similar topic. So what is different about Bhoomi? What will Bhoomi deliver that the other movies hasn’t? Find answers to all these questions on September 22nd, 2017.

Author: Vijitha Rajan