Top 5 Scenes from Last Week!

Fun, chirpy, happy, passionate, scary, and so many mixed feelings. The Month of March ended on a basic and still extreme way. A few shows were having happy time while the others had extraordinary stories, colossal energy and stunning plot turns. Our characters were without a doubt decent and the artists playing those characters aced the scenes. We present to you the Top 5 of this current week.

Dev, Sonakshi and Suhana family time: A family that eats and sleeps together, stays together. This might just come true of Dev, Sonkashi and Suhana because that is exactly what is happening. After 7 long years they are staying as one single unit and it adorable seeing them bond like this.

Shaurya redemption: Zindagi Ki mahek was full of surprise this week as Shaurya Khurana finally had the realization of the importance of Mahek Sharma in his life. After Mahek gives up on her life to save his shaurya gets enlightened and as he does he implements all that he can to get Mahek back. Worth watching.

Naira and kartik completing rituals: The wedding of Naira and kartik was one of a kind and something not seen in Indian television for long. But the post wedding rituals were also unique. In one of the scenes where Naira has to make a roti using one hand only she takes help of Kartik perfectly impressing the oenkas and even the viewers.

Maya’s obsession with Arjun in club: It is no new story about Maya and her obsession with Arjun. Well the new season has new shades to it and one of it was shown in the club where maya does a sensual dance in front of everyone to divert Arjun from Saanjh. And she hit on bull’s eye because that’s exactly what happened.

Harman taking a stand for Soumya: After s long long wait Harman finally threated Maninder to kill himself and others too for Soumya. Harman’s love is not something that has not been seen by the world but after Soumya dives into river and in order to save her Harman goes to any boundaries we thought the drama is over. But right then Maninder opens his mouth and invited himself in deep trouble.

These are the top 5 scenes we feel were the very best this week. But there are definitely more as our shows are doing immensely well and our idiot box never fails to stop entertaining us. Let us know which others were your favorites by writing your comment in the box below.