Who do you think should win the Best Jodi Award at Star Parivaar Awards this year?

The 15th Star Parivaar Awards – SPA which celebrates the success of their various relationships depicted in their shows is fast approaching.

The award ceremony which is expected to be held in the month of April-May felicitates the those talents from the various Star Plus shows who have turned out to be the best of the best in the Star Parivaar.

One of the most popular categories “Best Jodi” will have 3 SP Jodi’s competing for the coveted title. Anika-Shivaay of Ishqbaaz, Naira-Kartik of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Ishita-Raman of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

For the last three years Ishita and Raman of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein have been winning both the Best Jodi and Best Jodi International award; which is a tough record to break. Not impossible but definitely challenging.

While we don’t know who will win, here is a chance for you to tell us who you think should win.

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Let us know your thoughts through your votes!!!

Team TellyTadka


    • Anusha said:

      Yeah!!! No one can ever compete with ishra…They rock!!!#the best#love you ishra#love you YHM ?????????????????????????

  1. Marni Yusfika Siregar said:

    IshRa (Ishita Raman) stay the winner best jodi and best jodi international

  2. Piyumie Weerasooriya said:

    No body else can RECREATE the BEAUTIFUL magic of Div-An…Thats why this vote goes to Raman & Ishitha.

  3. Jyotsana said:

    I love shivika bcoz they both are bst n frsh story of diffrnt angle of level spclyyy tadiibazziii whch is defintly cnctd wth latst generation…

  4. sharoni sharu said:


  5. Yuvika Verma said:

    Ishita nd raman are very adorable couple in the telly wood. They compliment each other. So they are the most deserving to win the award. My favourite couple. Best wish to them.

    • Pihu said:

      Your comment…Kaira? is a no. 1 jodi?I’m Pihu love kartik and Naira ❤?Mostly Kartik he is so cute???????

  6. Stuti bakshi said:

    I really want anika shivay that is Nakul and Surbhi to win they are more deserving well deserved. They have amzing chemistry from the day one of serial we could get connect easily ??

  7. Dharmi Thakkar said:

    Anika and shivay are d well deserved couple to gets dis award..as I love their bond their chemistry and what not on screen and offscreen too..and so they are deserve to get dis award!????

  8. Tiya kashyap said:

    Ishita raman r world best cpl….they r cute incocent adorable beautiful&outstanding speechless husband &wife…they give the lession to those people jo apni life ki prblm se har man lete h..aur hopeless ho jate h…ishita raman ne yeh hai mohabbatein ke zariye unne himat strainght di h….ek real cpl ke sare value&manner logo ko sikhaya h…jo aur koi tv ka cpl nahi sikha paya so ishra r best best&best…only they deserve best national &international jodi award…

  9. Pratibha Priyanshu said:

    Ishra look like a real couple……….,sooooooooo. Iiiiiiiiitttttttttt is a television world’s best jodi. & Suppose that on screen……………….They are each other……………….& I thought. ….. It is a best jodi & world best jodi………..my comments thank’s for listening……….………

  10. Shenoni Angel said:

    Oh I ma sure this time
    Raman or ishita
    Shivaay and anika will be the best jodi

  11. renu verma said:

    Shivika is the best tadibaaaz nd khidkitod chemistry…… Best jodi

  12. Poonam gupta said:

    This time shivika rocks ???shivika shivika shivika,,, hip hip hurey

  13. Arshita joshi said:

    shivika will only its my challenge coz its my fav…????????

  14. gouri said:

    I luv Shivika d most lovely couple of d yr & actually anika-shivaay of ishqbaaz deserves it…..

  15. Jesse Subha lolly said:

    I am extremely happy to vote for my best Jodi Shivika.They should win this award.

  16. nadia said:

    Kaira is the best couple on earth n also on hevean plzzzzzzzzz guyz vote for kaira

  17. ritwika said:

    I think shivika is the couple i wanna see winning as they are tottaly different from the usual couple .. They are tadiibaaz wala love.. I love them ?

  18. Anjali chauhan said:

    I really feel that naria n kartik should win d best jodi award …they r d best

  19. Niyati Karvat said:

    Anika n Shivaay my best Jodi I love them soon fucking much❤???????????????????

  20. Indri septamiati said:

    Oh GOD wish Ishita Raman will be the winner this year aamiin. Many support from us from indonesia

  21. Satakshee Ghosh said:

    they r the best couple i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!#shivika

  22. Arshdeep Kaur said:

    I just want to say without any question just give it to ‘Shivika’

  23. Chamalka madubashini said:

    Anika & shivay is perfect couple.. they are acting superb.. & some times hart touching… specially funny moment & romance.. I think best jobi are must to shivay and anika.. shivika jodi. .. I am Sri Lankan
    My fav tv drama is ishqbaaz.. love so much..

  24. resmi said:

    Shivay anika ko award milna chahiye ……un dono ki chemistry ithni acchi hai ki kisi aur ke bare mem soch nahi sakthi

  25. Neha khan said:

    Shivay and Anika are the best Jodi because even without saying that they love each other they show it through their acting and how they understand each other’s problems and be with each other in both hard and happy times and also the strong bond of trust between them make the show more interesting

  26. Arusha ani said:

    Anika, shivaay is best jodi ??so I think best jodi award anika shivaah ko hi mill na cahiya

  27. Aishmin said:

    Kaira is best love ❤️ uuuuu sooo much Kaira ??❤️??❤️??

  28. kairalovers said:

    Plzzz include kaira in the award category for “The Best International Jodi”…….plzzzz kaira should be nominated in the award category for “The Best International Jodi” plzzzz….they deserve to be nominated plzzz

  29. Kashish said:

    Hope this time shivika will win.They are unique and love them.I love to watch this serial.I cann’t miss a single episode of this serial.anika’s bindass andaz always touch my heart.May god bless evert actor of this serial.please vote for shivika means anika and shivay???I just want them to win many awards.

  30. twisha said:

    Shivika hi jeete ga
    Jeete ga bhai jeete gaa hamara pyara couple hi jeeta gaa…???

  31. Gladys Banua said:

    Namaste…I’m from Indonesia,I really like the movie you guys.I want you to be a winner in the year 2017.I’m waiting for your movie aired on tv indonesia.GOOD LUCK.I love you om kara i’m very amazed with your role in the movie “Dil Boley Oberoi .

  32. shivangi joshi said:

    kaira will win star parivaar this is shivangi joshi’s promiss

  33. Jasi said:

    IshRa is the only best jodi…..no one can beat it….LUV U IshRa ……your biggest fan from kerala

  34. komal said:

    Your comment…my fvt shivika always shivika is best love u so much shivika ,?????shivika deserve the best jodi award

  35. tina said:

    Shivaay and Anika is simply outstanding , totally different couple that was just perfect,
    If they both have together ,then no boring , such an funny, romantic, cute, fight , totally perfect couple,I have never seen this couple in any of the show seriously

  36. vishaka ravi said:

    Annika and Shivaay is the best. the way they act. annika’s body language and facial expression is awesome.

  37. rimy said:

    NAKUUL MEHTA and SURBI CHANDNA ,u guys have not completed even one year , instead u have this much fans ,so people have accepted u with both their hands ,,these two actors have made shivika. Perfect ,they can only make it ,, totally different acting sense from normal actors luvuuuuu

  38. sruthy said:

    Rocks as MR & MRS SSO
    as. Bilu & bili
    as bagadbilla & panika
    as MR & MRS kanchiaakon wahe
    as. Superhero & superwomen
    as. Shivaay Singh oberoi & jansikirani
    as. Shivaay bayya & Anika Babi

    Moreover together for one
    SHIVIKA (story of hidden feelings & unexpressible love) which made them perfect

  39. Sirisha lalam said:

    This time ishqbaaz rocks with new records?
    Meri Jaan anika??
    First year me itna huge following as expected ?
    And they don’t need any competition?U ar da best my babies???

  40. Neha Joseph said:

    I think shivika should win ..because ishra is become too old now ..and it’s not up to the level ‘nowadays’..annika and shivaay has a different taste and has the potential to win the best Jodi ❤️..

  41. Aisha said:

    Shivika is the best Jodi. Perfect couple. Amazing, awesome .Jo kuch vi Inke bare me likhu wo kam he. Please shivika ko award milna chahiye

  42. Shanta islam antora said:

    KAIRA is the best Jodi….. KAIRA should win the best Jodi award…… ???

  43. Rimjhim Ramani said:

    Kaira or shivika both are my favourite…♡♡
    I luv kaira becoz unki luv story k saath hi meri bhi luv story shuru hui thi. And shivika becoz I like the tadi btwn both of them ..

  44. AAyushi Agrawal said:

    My favorite jodi is shivika mean shivay and anika .you are rocking couple .isliya iss bar best jodi awards shivika ko hi milna chahiya

  45. Hadeer Yahia said:

    of course Anika and Shivay they really deserve it so much #shivika #ishqbaaz

  46. Divyanka ki Diwanee said:

    It is n will be always ❤ISHITA N RAMAN❤

  47. Swetha sunith said:

    Shivika is an amazing couple with an absolute crakking chemistry

  48. Thangaie said:

    Shivika is always the bestest jodi in tellywood… They show different side of love…its something totally new….their chemistry n acting fabulous

  49. Divya lalchandani said:

    Kaira is perfect for this award because their chemistry attract people and thats why they are at no.1 position from last two weeks so they both deserve this award

  50. Swetha sunith said:

    Shivaay and anika are the best jodi
    # they hv gt a craking chemistry !!

  51. Naveen said:

    Only Ishra is best and beautiful jodi in the world… I love u Soo much

  52. Akanksha gupta said:

    Kartik and Naira is the best couple in star plus forever n l love ur chemistry lvvvvvv uuuuu so much Kaira. …….?????????????and ye rista kyakahlata is the number one show in television forever. ……..????????????????

  53. Dhruvi Mehta said:

    Kaira is the best jodi….Kaira should win the best jodi award….Kaira rockzzzzzzzzzzz….we love u sooooooooooo much Kaira ??????????

  54. Haimanti Dutta said:

    I think shivika aka shivaay -anika should win this best jodi award….ishqbaaz rocks

  55. Sanjana said:

    kaira is best jodi forever……??????????? I really wish kaira is winning this award ??????????????
    love u kaira u r best

  56. Rakhi sakpal said:

    Obviously shivika should win this time
    They totally deserve this time
    Nd they should nd they will

  57. aisha said:

    Shivika pleaeaeaeaease please
    ishita raman ki to ab story bilkul dragged ho gai hai

  58. Papri Dutta said:

    I want Shivaay and Anika (Shivika) to win the best Jodi award this year please… I mean every year it’s always been Ishita and Raman winning thus award but I think even the new comers should also get a chance to win this award.

  59. yuvhasree said:

    oberois r the best #shivaaysinghoberoi
    wow his eyes n acting killing me, dude

  60. yuvhasree said:

    the fav actor is shivaay & the fav actress is annika
    from ISHQBAAZ

  61. sarah said:

    East or West kaira is the best
    Please guys vote for kaira
    Don’t forget vote for raman and ishita they are not nice. ……..
    We want kaira
    Naira kartik best jodi
    Shivangi mohsin khan
    Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai♡♡♡
    Vote for them

  62. Abha said:

    My vote for ishra for fav international Jodi and popular Jodi for all aspects category which belongs to Raman ishita

  63. varsha said:

    My darlings…..?
    Crazy abt dem ….?
    My bias naks?….
    Dey should be d one deserving d best jodi award ?

  64. firly said:

    I’m from Indonesia and i love ishra…they are the best chemistry ☺

  65. shrawani said:

    shivika is the best no one can compete them ever no ishita and raman also shivika rocks

  66. Purvi Panchal said:

    Off course it’s it’s our shivaay and anika .. we really do love them n for us they r the only best couple for all ShivIka fans ..

  67. yuvhasree said:

    My favorite actress is #AnnikaShivaaySinghOberoi @surbhichandna ❤❤❤???????☺???

  68. yuvhasree said:

    Shivaay is the best pati ever #romantic hubby for #annika in #ishqbaaz

  69. yuvhasree said:

    I will always love ishqbaaz #shivikaspa2017 ?????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????

  70. yuvhasree said:

    Love Shivaay #ishqbaaz so much he is the best digital male ever❤❤❤❤❤❤

  71. yuvhasree said:

    Love u Annika she’s the best n lovely patni (wife) 4 Shivaay????
    No word 4 shivika??????????

  72. yuvhasree said:

    No word 4 shivika love track in ishqbaaz ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  73. yuvhasree said:

    No one can beat #shivaay #ishqbaaz he’s a very good digital male

  74. yuvhasree said:

    Shivaay is the bestest Jodi for Annika & Annika is also the suitable Jodi for Shivaay #ishqbaaz?????????????????????????????☺
    Shivika 4 ever n ever❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????????????????

  75. Bhuvi said:

    Kaira(Karthik and naira) is the best Jodi for me forever and one can replace them .So kaira is the best Jodi for me ,??? because they understand each other very well.???

  76. Mantaqa Mansib said:

    Coz they are made for each other they are always different from other.So they deserve that awards.

  77. Sakshi said:

    shivika should win coz dwy are the best…thn d rest❤️❤️❤️✌️

  78. Akanksha gupta said:


  79. yuvhasree said:

    Shivaay is the best actor n annika is the neat actress in ishqbaaaz ????

  80. Saumya srivastav said:

    Shivika always ,shivika shivika shivika shivika shivika shivika shivika shivika shivika

  81. Manoj kumar said:

    I also vote for shivika. Ek dam khidki Tod Jodi h dono ki and chemistry superrrrb awesommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme h.

  82. Ngawang said:

    Kartik and naira from the rights kya kehlata hai. They are very fabulous in the show. I think Kaira should win.

  83. aisha said:

    shivika ….shivaay n anika no doubt best story tadibaaz ,cute nok jhok..no doubt my shivika shud win best jodi award….2017 ishqbaaz <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 luv u so much shivika….damn xcited 4 star parivar awards…shivaay is d best actor n anika is d best actress ….<3<3<3

  84. yuvhasree said:

    Shivika is my life. Too much addicted with their Jodi #internationaljodi #spa2017 #shivika

  85. Ann Perera said:

    KAIRA is the best. KAIRA forever & always.
    Karthik & Naira is the best jodii???

  86. Ruchita said:

    ??? Shivika should only win…And there jodi is best…???

  87. Alaya awan said:

    Shivay and Anika the best jodi among all of them.. please please please vote for our ishqbaaz jodi ❤❤❤❤
    #SHIVIKA #bestjodi #2k17 ???

  88. Mehjabeen shafeeq said:

    My everbestie jodi is shivika …..we won shivika 4 international jodi ….we love shivika ……???????????????????????????????????????????

  89. Vaidehi Wattamwar said:

    Love u a lot ishra especially DIV….. They r the most deserving couple for this award they would only b the best Jodi Nd also the bset international Jodi….lov u a lot…..?????????????

  90. Chaini Haloi said:

    Just love u Shivika babies… U’ll only win… I trust…

  91. Janaki said:

    Shivika becuz they have a different story from tadibaaz to ishqbaaz.they r so adorable.

  92. Jenishilpi said:

    None other than….SHIVIKA….the one and only shivika….shivika s the best jodi…..love u both…….

    • ishu arora said:

      But why r u commenting here…there is no nomination for them😂😂😂

  93. Safiya indorewal said:

    I love isqbaaz show story shows leyd roles shivaay omkara & rudra and lyd female s guori bhaviya and anika but I am by hard fan shivika I am love her secens my favorite jodi shivika

  94. antara said:

    Shivika has got enough of awards. Star parivaar has given them all the awards. now people must show importance to avneil also. Right now they are the best. My vote is for avneil only. This is not fair no one is giving avneil any award. They teuly deserve it. Common guys wake up and start voting for avneil

  95. Amna rani said:

    I love u shivika you are the best.
    Shivay(nakul) you are my favourite actor and anika (surbhi) you are my favourite actor . I wish that you both got best jodi and best actors of the year. …….I43 (shivika)….

  96. ishu arora said:

    shivika is the hottest jodi ever..they should win..as always😍😍😍😍best of luck…we all r wid our khidkitodh jodi❤❤