‘I think 10 times before I say anything in public’ – Diana Penty

Why don’t we see more of the lovely Diana Penty who wowed us in Cocktail and more recently as Gayatri Kashyap in Lucknow Central? We catch up with the lovely actress to know….

Q) Diana you have done very few films ever since you made your debut with Cocktail five years ago. Was it a dearth of offers?

The reason is that I don’t want to play only one type of characters or just be a showpiece in a film. I want to play different characters so I may be doing few films but I am doing good films.

Q) But the shelf life of leading ladies is short and if one is too choosy then one may just do a handful of films?

What’s the point of quantity without quality? If I get good films I will do more than one film in a year, but if I don’t get good work I may do only one film in two years.

Q) Your recently released Lucknow Central had you playing a dynamic NGO worker. Is that why you chose to do the film?

Yes! Not only my character but the film also was unconventional. It was a clean character with substance and I enjoyed working in it!

Q) It was the first time you worked with Farhan Akhtar. What was the experience like?

Farhan is a naturally talented actor. He sticks to doing his work and I must say that working with him was a good learning experience.

Q) Is it true that you visited real jails when working in the film?

Yes we shot in real jails and I must say I was nervous and quite tense about being in the midst of prisoners. However, once we started working I realized they are normal human beings like us and it was fine after one or two days.

Q) After having been a part of the Hindi film industry for a good six years, do you feel any change in you?

Absolutely! Like earlier I used to talk candidly without thinking, but now I think 10 times before I say anything in public or write comments on twitter or any other social media. I wouldn’t like to say anything which can create problems for me. I have realized as a celebrity I have to think before I say or comment on anything!

Q) After Lucknow Central what kind of films are you looking at?

I am always on the lookout for a great story! My next is Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran in which I have done action scenes. I learnt kickboxing and thoroughly enjoyed doing all the action during shooting.

Q) Is it true that your Hindi is weak and this makes you a little anxious?

Yes, it’s true that my Hindi is not all that good. I am taking classes in Hindi and I tell the writers to give me the script in Hindi so that I get practice while reading it! I am working hard to make it better and better.

Q) You did Happy Bhag Jayegi. How was it doing comedy?

Comedy is tough and I think actors who can pull off comedy are very talented. As for Happy Bhag Jayegi, it was a very natural comedy, and I would like to do a comedy again.

Q) Would you call yourself a director’s actress?

I am completely a director’s actress. I don’t interfere with what a director says and like to stick to his vision and brief. That I think is always better.

Q) What according to you are the plus and negative points of the film industry?

I feel if we are correct everyone else is good. There are negative points in every profession and if we start looking for these we will not be able to work. I try to be positive and focus on my work!

Interview: Arti Saxena