Teen Ka Tadka: TT Top Three Promos of the Week

Hello all you wonderful readers……TellyTadka brings you the top 3 Promo’s of the week.

Madhubala:Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


“Janam Se Pehle Hi Aapke Sitare Aapki Taqdeer Tey Karte Hai
Lekin In Sitaron Ko ek Johar Hi Parak Paata Hai
Kya Ab Hoga Iss Kahani Ka Anth
Ya Hogi Ek Nayi Shuruwat?”

The first thing that came to our mind while watching the promo is “Aakhen Taras Gayi Thi Yeh Dekhne Ke Liye” and why not? Ever since the show started, ever since the first promo went on air the Audience were promised to be taken on a Never before seen on Television Journey and lets not forget that the show was Launched as a Tribute to 100 Years Of Cinema….A Show on Cinema and the happenings in the “World of Dreams” aka Bollywood. Today after 1 Year and few months when this Promo Finally hit the screens it’s brought a new Zeal, a new feel altogether. The latest Promo of Madhubala takes you through perhaps one of the most beautifully scripted and executed phase of MEIEJ, the birth of the Biggest Superstar Bollywood would ever seen aka Madhubala…It was predestined, she was born on a Film set, after birth she first cried when the Studio lights fell on her and she was Named after one of the Reigning superstars of yesteryear “Madhubala”. Like said your stars decide your fate even before you are born and now after all these years it was Director Mehul Chopra a highly acclaimed director (Acc. to the Show) who saw the actress in Madhubala who still does not have an Idea that this is what she is supposed to be. This is what Destiny has in store for her. The last part of the Promo “Kya Ab….” is indeed very smartly thought Ofcourse it was going to be a new beginning a beginning we all have been waiting with bated breath but yes many things were going to come to an end as well.

Stay tuned dear friends and witness one of the most amazing tracks MEIEJ has ever seen, the Magic begins every Mon-Sat 8:30 PM (IST) only on Colors!!!!

Ek Boond Ishq


Life OK’s latest offering Ek Boond Ishq have been airing promos one after the other which forces the Viewers to think, the promos leave you intrigued and forces you to use your thinking caps.

The current on-air promo is no different. The Promo shows a ghungroo bead rolling its way and finally stopping at Tara’s Foot. Wondering where it came from, Tara walks towards the door from where the bead most likely came, she is al set to push the door open when Mrityujay stops her and warns her to never enter that particular room leaving Tara scared. It is also shown that the bead came from Kalavati’s ghungroo’s while she was dancing. So what are we to make out of the promo? Mrityunjay is shown as the one warning Tara to not enter that particular room, does this mean that he is aware that his Tau Ji has an alter-ego aka Kalavati? Does the rest of the family know about this? It was indeed confusing because in the 1st and 2nd episode Kalavati made it pretty clear that nobody was supposed to see her the way she was…..Except for a few Loyal’s who knew about Kalavati and who she truly was she kept her life a secret. Then why did Mrityunjay warn Tara? Tara wanting to know where the bead came from and who was dancing is perfectly in sync with her character because 1) She is naturally inquisitive and 2) She is the nayi bahu of the Thakur Family and was shown fascinated with the haveli and the idea of exploring it. The Promo does not give out much and that works because now we all want to know what the real deal is?

So stay tuned and keep watching Ek Boond Ishq every Mon-Fri 8:30 PM only on Life OK.

Bani: Ishq Da Kalma


The latest promo of Bani-Ishq Da Kalma will leave you mouth-wide opened. Yes a lot of questions will pop up in the back of your head and you will be left with no choice but to watch the show to find out the answers.

The promo shows Bani and Parmeet engaged in a Phone Conversation with Parmeet announcing his arrival exactly 1 week later. He also asks her to be at the station to recieve him and requests that she dresses up as the bride, his bride he saw at their Marriage Altar. Bani smile and agrees to the same leaving the viewers wondering if this was the end to all her pain and tears or was the beginning of something far more worse? Based on the episodes Parmeet broke all contacts with his family and Bani once the property papers or rather his share was duly given to him. Soon after Bani had caught a glimpse of Parmeet in Amritsar and later Soham had found out that Parmeet was in the city and had come to sell off his share. In the recent episodes Parmeet who just vanished into thin air was seen calling Bani and showing great interest in what happened to her (Since he left) and assuring her Father that everything would be fine and that he himself would come and take Bani back to her Sasural. Soon after Bani was shown visit the property dealer signing some documents as Parmeet had given her the Power of Attorney. All these events taken into consideration along with what was shown in the promo the only conclusion that one can come up with is Parmeet needed somebody to take care of the document proceedings back in India, he knew his family wouldn’t help him and so who better than Bani who was awaiting his return? What if all these sweet talks was just to get the job done? Does that mean once Parmeet gets the papers we would soon see another Rano in the making? Bani dressed as Dulhan awaiting the arrival of her husband who promised her he would come?

Even the thought is shuddering but the show must go on so stay tuned and keep watching Bani-Ishq Da Kalma every Mon-Fri 10:30 PM (IST) only on Colors.

That sums up our list of Top Three Promo’s Of the Week.

Author: Vijitha Rajan

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