*Exclusive Interview* : Shah Rukh Khan on TED Talks, on doing a movie with both Aamir-Salman and more!!!

The Badshah of Bollywood will be sharing and discussing his ideas on TED Talks, internet’s highly inspiring show which is making its way on television for the first time on Star Plus! Host Shah Rukh Khan says he has a lot to say and motivate viewers through the show

Q) Shah Rukh you will soon be seen hosting TED Talks, the highly motivating show on the internet, on television for the first time! Are you excited?

Very! I am very excited about TED Talks because it’s very, very challenging for me. It’s a unique show, a platform where the best of ideas are shared with the people. It’s a new concept on television.

Q) Could you tell us what the budget of the show is like?

That only the channel, Star Plus can divulge. But I would like to say that I have not done the show for money. I wanted to be part of the show because of the remarkable concept!

Q) But stars do TV shows more for money than anything else!

That is true! But I accepted this show from my heart. Money is important, but it’s not everything, at least not for me. Money was never the issue when I was a struggler and even now when I am well settled. I value emotions, and if asked to choose between love and money I would choose the latter. I am passionate about TED Talks and I would like to say if you want to do something you love just do it! If you do follow your heart, money and success will follow but if you do something for money your heart won’t be in it! That’s the principle of my life!

Q) You think the viewers will relate to TED Talks?

People like what is entertaining and different. And TED Talks is very popular on the internet, the reason we decided to bring it on television.

Q) Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are also currently hosting shows on TV. Would you consider them competition?

Akshay and Salman are doing very well for themselves on television. But there is no question of competing because my show is not based on entertainment. It’s an intellectual show and I will be competing with myself.

Q) The concept of the show is how a small idea can be a game changer. Can you think of any instance in your life when you had an idea and you shared it with someone who stole and benefited from it?

I can’t say my ideas were stolen but there have been times when I had ideas but never shared them because of self-doubt and lack of confidence. Then later found that someone else had the same idea and he implemented it and it worked. That is why I became part of TED Talks so that I could discuss and share my ideas.

Q) You have also hosted shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati and Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hai? How different is TED Talks from them?

Since I am an actor, all my previous shows were entertaining. But with TED Talks I am competing with myself positively, creatively and emotionally. You will understand that, once you watch the show, which incidentally can also be watched on the internet on TED.com.

Q) Was there any idea during your lifetime which changed your life?

Yes, there were ideas personally and professionally which were game changers. You will know about them on TED Talks.

Q) Your fans want to see you, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan in a film together. Possible?

Why not? All three of us are good friends in real life and will be happy to do a film together. We need a good script which has all three of us satisfied!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena