“Take them Home, Make Them Your Own – ACCEPTANCE” *Review*

Film: ‘Acceptance’ – A short film on Adoption.
Cast: Rajeev Surti,
Written, Produced and Directed: Sheila Sandhu
Music : Ismail Darbar
Production House: Osh Productions
Co-producers: Muniza Riaz and D.S Pahwa

“Take Them Home, Make Them Your Own” ACCEPTANCE is a short film which tugs at your heart as it talks about the sensitive issue of adoption. The 30 minute short has choreographer Rajeev Surti play a dad who loves his own son but finds it hard to have the same deep affection for the little homeless girl his wife has adopted.

Through this story director Sheila Sandhu puts across the message how our minds are conditioned to the belief that blood is thicker than water. Most people prefer going in for fertility treatments like surrogacy and IVF and all other treatments to have their own child. Very few think of adopting a child!

In the film Sandhu emphasizes the need of more childless couples opting for adoption and how even couples with children can give at least one orphaned child left on the streets, a home. Sandhu’s passion for the subject stems from the fact that she herself is adopted and understands the yearning, ache and pain when one is homeless.

According to her children are God’s most beautiful creations and by adopting them we provide them with a home conducive to a sound development spiritually, emotionally and physically. She feels humanity is blind to this situation or pretending to be blind. A lot of people can afford to bring home a child and nurture it but because of society’s conditioning they turn a blind eye. If only every family who can afford were to give one orphaned child a home, the world would be a happier place. With these spellbinding thoughts in mind Sheila Sandhu has directed this thought provoking film. A must watch!

Reviewed By : Arti Saxena