SwaSan Analysis: Pyaar Tho Ab Bhi Hai!

Have you heard of the 90’s song “Pyaar ke liye chaar pal kam nahi thhe” from the movie Dil Kya Kare?

If not let me get you the lyrics:

Pyar ke liye chaar pal kam nahin the
Kabhi tum nahin the kabhi hum nahin the
Pyar ke haseen kab yeh mausam nahin the
Kabhi TUM nahin the kabhi HUM nahin the

While reading the lyrics for the fans of Swara and Sanskaar you definitely had th déjà vu. No doubts the lyrics gives you flashes of their scenes being played in your head.

Well if not the latest episode of Swaragini will definitely make you feel that way.

The feeling of love is not one that can fade so easily. Even if you are angry with the person it is not a feeling that can let others hurt your partner. Not at all; even if there is a six month leap in the story- still a big NO.

Well Sanskar and Swara are facing the same situation. With a myriad of emotions and so much happening around them the two are in love but the things of past does not let them move forward. But for how long? Someone dare touch Swara and expect Sanskaar to not react is a wonder of its own. And we are not wrong at all. Even in anger nobody dares to hurt Swara. Almost like only he has the right to love or hate her. Hmm Sanskaar; Pyaar tho ab bhi hai.

Share your views with us about the couple who are now sharing a hate story but still fighting for the other’s love. Let us know your comment below.

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