Suhana’s decision forces Dev and Sonakshi to stay together in Kuch Rang…

It’s time to celebrate for Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Fans as they will finally get to see their favorite Jodi Dev and Sonakshi staying under the same roof.

They may not be staying as hubby and wife for not but Suhana’a parents; but that equation will soon change in the coming episodes.

During Sonakshi’s brother Saurabh engagement with Ronita, viewers will witness the entry of Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) which completely changes the ambiance of an otherwise happy and joyous occasion. Bijoy who does not like Dev for everything the latter did to his daughter will be overcome by bitterness and asks Dev to leave the house.

Sonakshi’s (Erica fernandes) will then interfere and informs him that she is the one who called Dev and she is doing this for Suhana. Sonakshi tells Bijoy how Suhana’s parent’s separation was affecting her and how the little girl even decided to not live with either one if they were not together.

After a lot of convincing Sonakshi gets Dev to stay in the Bose residencewhich will bring about an interesting new twist. Dev staying at the Bose residence s a Ghar Jamai will not go down well with Ishwari. But Dev who simply wants to be with his daughter is ready to accept anything.

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