‘I still pray to God before giving a shot’ – Sridevi

Sridevi who reigned as number one during her hey days still captivates the audience with her aura and talent, her latest outing Mom being an example. The reticent actress who rarely speaks her heart opens up in an exclusive Q & A

Q) Sridevi, you have dedicated your entire life since the age of three to films. What according to you is acting?

Acting is my soul. I would like to be reborn as Sridevi if there is such a thing as rebirth. My craft is my lifeline.

Q) You have worked for almost 50 years. Do you ever feel nervous in front of the camera?

Yes, I still get nervous. Whenever I face the camera I feel it’s my first day. When I went on the set for Mom I felt like a newcomer would. Frankly I am never confident about my craft. Before I go on the set I always pray to God that I give a good shot.

Q) You were considered the number one heroine at one time!

The competition during our time was not so great. As actors we used to put in our best and hoped that our films did well. We didn’t have the time to think about other things.

Q) What changes do you see in the film industry today?

The industry is going through a golden period. Earlier, if an actor gave more than two three shots the director would get tense as it meant extra film. Today everything is digital and one can give however many retakes. Also today vanity vans are a boon, because in those days we used sarees as a tent to change! So I would say current times are good for actors!

Q) Did flops affect you?

Yes, a lot! A flop got me very unnerved and meant putting in extra hard work so as not to disappoint the audience in the next film.

Q) Who has been your biggest supporter where your acting career is concerned?

My mother was my biggest supporter. Rain or storm she would never forget her responsibility and would always be on the set. She never left me alone on the set. She was my backbone and I never did anything without consulting her.

Q) Talking about the earlier heroes, who did you get along the best?

During that time actresses would never get too friendly with the heroes and I for one was extra reserved. I never mingled with my co-stars but I got along with everyone.

Q) What do you keep in mind when you sign a film today?

Actually I don’t select films, they select me. When I was offered English Vinglish I was impressed with the story, similarly when Mom came to me I liked the story.

Q) Your daughter Jhanvi is all set to make her acting debut in films. Do you tell her the pros and cons of the career?

No, I don’t need to tell her anything. She’s mature enough to know what is good and what is bad. Today children are very sensible and level -headed, we just have to understand them.

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena