StarPlus Epic Saga Mahabharat: Viewers Voice Express!!!

“Mahabharat ek parampara hai” (English Translation: Mahabharat is a Tradition) – Devdutt Patnaik, Creative Consultant Mahabharat.

“Mahabharat hamari sanskruti ka sabse bada drama raha hai” (English Translation: Mahabharat is the biggest drama of our Heritage) – Rajit Kapoor, Acting Coach Mahabharat.

These were the two statements that kept ringing in my head while watching Star Plus’ most ambitious project the EPIC SAGA of MAHABHARAT. The makers promised a larger than life TV Watching experience, something that has never happened before on Indian Television and it wouldn’t be wrong to tell that they managed to skilfully pull it off.

But tonight more than we elaborating on the episode, casting, the modern technologies, the effects, costumes, sets, music etc we give you that is the audience the Junta Janardhan an opportunity to express yourselves.

Tell us what your expectations were from the first episode and if they managed to captivate your attention.


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