Starplus Dopahar’s Dhai Kilo Prem – Although new concept; will the old style work?

Starplus Dopahar’s Dhai Kilo Prem Review- Although new concept; will the old style work?
The new show of Starplus Dopahar Dhai Kilo Prem kick started last weekand has caught eye balls because of the concept of showing love story of two people who are fat. Rightly as the promo suggested and in the first week it is obvious that the show is going to focus on the daily struggle of two people who are obese individuals.

Created by Sandeep Sickand and Ekta Kapoor the show does go by its tagline but watching the first week one can’t unnoticed the fact about the similarities it has with any usual love story showed in Indian TV. In fact story has everything same except about the love story going to focus on obese people.

Going through the first week of the show one thing is very clear that Deepika loves her obesity despite what people say while Piyush has the concept of getting a slimmer wife regardless of how he is. There are scenes where Deepika is shown pulling off the character of even Hanuman although she was supposedly playing the role of Sita. What’s more interesting in this is that Deepika’s mother however is after her daughter to lose weight whereas her father encourages Deepika to accept herself the way she is. Being a daddy’s little girl Deepika loves herself no matter what.

While this is the story for Deepika, Piyush although in love with his weight also wants to loose it. More aptly he share a love hate story for it. For that he even joins the gym as he is constantly ridiculed by his father about his obesity. Following this the story has now taken a turn where Piyush and Deepika though meet Piyush is in love at first sight with Deepika’s friend and acts nice to Deepika in ornder to impress her. On the other hand Deepika is in awe with him.

The news about Meherzan Mazda aining weight in order to fit in the character was already inspiring and it is a delight to see him perform the character and ace it so well. He pulls off the diverse feelings that his character experiences at various circumstances commendably. Similarly, Anjali Annand does complete justice her role right from being in love with herself , or being the person who does not mind being overweight. Deepika has a heart of gold. And Anjali does it easily, not making us feel for a moment that it’s not seriously.

This one isn’t an irregular story or a saas-bahu adventure, it is a story of two individuals and their will to beat the obstacles that life tosses at them. However there are certain things which have the same old formula right from the setting of Agra to starting the show with a big function like in this case wedding. After that we can come to the clichéd scenes that have already been incorporated many times in Balaji shows and even more in typical Indian love story. When the show is so hatke we definitely expected some one of a kind scene to add a new charm. Honestly the promos were pretty eye catching in terms of showing the variety the show has to offer Indian audience.

Additionally the concept of love at first sight and one sided love seems a little too exaggerated in the show and even though the concept of the show is new, except the performance of the actors and the idea there seems nothing more new about it. In fact it looks like all the same methods are used in a different way along with different faces.

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Shreya P.