Skin Care In Summer – Illuminating Tips By Stars

We envy their timeless beauty and their flawless and glowing skin. But interestingly redness, itchiness and changes in the look and feel of the skin in the summer months is common even in our screen Goddess! And there’s a lot of effort and personal care which goes behind their never changing beauty. What care and protection do our female stars take to protect their skin in the summer months? We find out…………

Deepika Padukone:

I enjoy the summer season but it’s also the time when the strong sun rays can harm the skin. Firstly, I focus on a healthy diet, as that is also essential to keep the skin looking good during this weather. For skin care I use a liquid soap and apply sun screen to protect my skin against the sun especially when we shoot, as not only the sun rays but the strong lights from the camera also affect the skin adversely. I use a SPF moisturizer which helps to seal the moisture and keep the skin soft. Wearing sunglasses when going out protects the soft tissues around the eyes. It’s also important to clean the face thoroughly with a moisturizer and cream, and gently wash the face with a face wash before going to sleep as there should be no trace of make-up when you hit the bed. And the first thing I do on getting up in the morning is to have a glass of nimbu pani (lime water) with honey. Drinking nimbu pani with warm water makes for a good cleanser.

Kareena Kapoor Khan:

I have a very sensitive skin and even a little bit of exposure to the sun causes rashes. To protect my skin I prefer to use natural and home made products. Like I use honey to massage my skin and Ayurveda and home made face packs. This keeps the skin soft. In the summer season I use warm water with my face wash and a body gel for cleaning the body. To improve the blood circulation I jog, swim and go to the gym. On reaching home after shooting I remove my make-up with a moisturizer, have warm water and do some workout before sleeping. I also believe that beauty also comes from within so I always try be happy, stress free and always think positive as negativity has a bad effect on the skin.

Alia Bhatt:

I try to drink as many as 10 glasses of warm water during the summer months to keep myself hydrated. I also drink a detox water made with nimbu. This helps in digestion and keep the weight in control and gets rid of toxins. In fact I rely more on liquids in summer, as solid foods take longer to digest. I do not follow any particular diet but I eat small meal every few hours and avoid oily food, sugary stuff and control my carbohydrate intake. I love chocolates and ice creams, but ever since I became an actress, I avoid them and focus on consuming fruits and vegetables. Meditation is also very good for a glowing skin and I also go to the spa two three times a month and workout five times a week.

Sunny Leone:

Ever since I have joined Bollywood I have been anxious about my skin because of the heat here, and take extra care during summer months. I have a sensitive skin and cannot tolerate the sun. When I used to shoot in Hollywood I didn’t bother much as the sun was not harsh but the weather here causes my skin to break into rashes and there’s itchiness. I use moisturizers and skin creams which help to relieve dryness and to retain the softness of my skin. During the shooting of Ek Paheli Leela in Rajasthan, the oppressive heat and dust had an adverse affect on my skin. It would turn a bright red and there would be these small red spots. After a shot I would rush to have water, coconut water or a soft drink. Besides I would rub some moisturizer into my skin which are mostly my own products. I wash my face with cold water frequently during summer so that there is no bad affect of the heat. I also pay attention to what I eat. The result is a soft and glowing skin.

Katrina Kaif:

Even though I have to take extra care of my skin during the summer months, I really enjoy the summer in India. I use a sunscreen, lip balm, wear sun glasses and minimal make-up when Istep out of my home when not shooting. I feel workout and meditation are also good for the skin. So I swim, do weight training and dance. Another important thing is to eat your last meal two hours before hitting the bed. Inner happiness is also important to keep the skin glowing. I always have a positive approach to life.

Sharaddha Kapoor:

If I have a glowing skin it’s all thanks to my parents, as both my mom and dad have great skin. Still I need to take extra care of my skin, especially on outdoor shoots as it tends to become dry. For me a good diet is more important than putting on creams and other cosmetics, so I increase my water and fruit intake and go easy on oily stuff. If my skin does become dry and itchy due to make–up and stress I use a strawberry and peach pack which gives me great relief

Interviewed By – Arti Saxena