Sherlock – The Six Thatchers

The first episode of season 4 of British series Sherlock starts with a quick glance at the events from the last season. Sherlock kills a wealthy businessman Agustus Magnussen, who is in fact a big blackmailer and has access to all sorts of confidential information, including spies, John Watson’s wife and Sherlock’s friend Mary is one of the ex spies he blackmails. UK govt decides to send Sherlock on some mission abroad as a punishment for killing Magnussen. As Sherlock is in plane and about to leave he is called back as a notorious terrorist Moriarty apparently hacks all public screens in London and challenges Sherlock to come and find him. UK govt calls Sherlock back to solve this new case.

The episode actually begins with the scene where Sherlock’s brother Mycroft Holmes is giving a briefing to 4-5 people including Sherlock, in a closed room. The Panel consists of 2 elderly ladies and an old man. The briefing is supposed to be secret but Sherlock is busy tweeting which obviously annoys the hell out of other people present in the room, especially Mycroft. The scene was so funny as both siblings bicker like kids. Sherlock dismisses any chances of Moriarty being alive and claims that the video that appeared on hacked screens was actually shot before Moriarty died and says that Moriarty has definitely planned something big and interesting to target him. He says he will wait for Moriarty’s next move as he is the real target and targets have to wait. Sherlock solves cases while waiting for Moriarty’s move as he is sure that he will get a signal only if he observes the crimes happening in London. He proves t be right as an odd case appears a few days later.

Something sad and weird happened to a wealthy businessman from London, David Welsborough. A week ago he celebrated his 50th birthday, his son Charlie called from Tibet to congratulate his father and told him that he couldn’t attend his birthday because hes far away in the mountains of Tibet. He asks his father David to take a picture of his car parked in the drive way of the house so that he could show it to his friends. David does what his sons asks for but call is suddenly cut and there is no reply from Charlie. A week later, (the day Sherlock got the case) a drunk driver while trying to get away from police enters Welsborough’s drive way and hits Charlie’s car. When police examines the both cars, Charlie’s one week old dead body is found in the car, while he was in Tibet a week ago.

Police seeks Sherlock’s help to solve the mystery that how did the body come into the car while he was in Tibet. Sherlock visits the Welsborough house and notices an odd gap between the pictures on the table. On asking, David tells him that he is a fan of ex British PM Margate Thatcher and the gap used to be place where one of Thatcher’s plaster bust. The sculpture was smashed by some thief who broke into the house few days after the birthday party. Sherlock solves the dead body case but focuses on smashed bust as he is certain that there is more to the story than simple case of theft.

Sherlock’s instincts prove to be right as it turns out the thief was actually an ex assassin who used to work with John’s wife Mary and now wants to kill Mary as he thinks Mary betrayed their assassin group on their last mission in Tiblisi which resulted in him being captured and tortured. Sherlock vows to save Mary but in the fails.

This whole episode had lots of good dialogues from Sherlock which explained his personalty. Some of my favorites were when Sherlock tells Magnussen “Im not a hero, Im high functioning sociopath.” This dialogue made me laugh so hard, he is indeed a weird, awkward sociopath, and that’s one of the reasons we love him so much. Another master piece was during Mycroft’s briefing when he responded to old man’s whining with “Im naturally high, I asure you its totally natural, I am just glad to be alive.” That was savage, killer reply, as expected from our beloved sociopath. His tweeting hashtag was hilarious too and Mycroft made it even more funny when he read it out loud in an annoyed voice.

Overall this episode was so good and interesting. Thankfully the production team and actors maintained the high standard set by themselves in the previous seasons. I wouldn’t give anymore spoilers as it would ruin the fun, watch it and enjoy.

Rida Khan