Sherlock – The Lying Detective

The lying detective is the second episode of season 4 of British TV series Sherlock. This was a brilliant episode, full of suspense, emotions and a bit of good British humor. The episode begins where first episode ended, John is visiting his therapist because he is going through a tough time after the death of his wife Mary. He is angry at Sherlock and thinks Sherlock didn’t do enough to save Mary. While John is in the middle of having therapy, a car enters in the drive way of therapist.

In another scene, a rich businessman and philanthropist Mr. Smith is having a secret meeting with his close friends and daughter. While addressing the meeting he says the most dangerous thing one can do to their friends is to tell them your dark secret because once you say that you cant unsay it. He then asks them to take a drug that interferes memory because he wants to confess something and wants them to forget it too. He tells them he wants to kill someone, his daughter writes it down and asks whom he wants to kill.

Three years have passed since that secret meeting. Smith’s daughter Faith contacts Sherlock and asks him to help her in finding out whom her father wanted to kill because she cant remember the name her father told her three years ago. Sherlock is in pretty bad shape and is using drugs to keep his mind calm because he is very depressed because of what happened to Mary and John. However his brain is still hyper active and he can still notice things many times better than normal human brain. Sherlock agrees to help her because he notices a gun in her bag and knows that she is having suicidal thoughts, he asks Faith to take a walk with him, while they are walking Sherlock’s brother Mycroft has his people following them. Sherlock tells Faith to stop thinking about suicide because that wouldn’t solve anything, but while he is telling her that he himself tries to jump off the bridge. Sherlock barely manages to pull himself back and turns towards Faith, but she is nowhere to be seen, its like she was never there. Sherlock tweets that Smith is a serial killer. This tweets causes a huge uproar on media.

Coming back to present, turns out the car that broke into Therapist’s drive way was of Sherlock’s housekeep Mrs Hudson. She requests John to take care of Sherlock because Sherlock seems to have lost it and become a drug addict. While they are talking, Smith calls John and tells him he sent a car to fetch him and Sherlock. Sherlock and John go to see Smith. Smith invites them to visit his charity hospital. While they are in the hospital, due to some circumstances, John beats Sherlock up because he thinks Sherlock is doing stupid things because he is high on drugs. Smith gets Sherlock admitted in his hospital. At night Smith enters into Sherlock’s room through a secret door and asks him why he entered his den when he knew he could be dead. Sherlock says he wants Smith to kill him. John sees Mary’s video message to Sherlock where she asks him to save John in case she dies. He knows Sherlock put himself in danger for him, he rushes towards the hospital.

I wouldn’t spoil the fun by revealing the ending as this amazing TV series definitely deserves to be seen to be fully enjoyed. It is most certainly one of the best shows out there. Watch it and be thankful to me for suggesting a master piece like this. *wink*

Rida Khan