Shagun can use Adi all she wants but IshRa’s love will withstand the test of time !!!

Star Plus most loved and popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein produced by Balaji Telefilms recently saw the re-entry of Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) and Aditya back into the Bhalla House. And as expected drama is to follow with this new track where Shagun will try every trick to get back into Raman’s (Karan Patel) life by kicking Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) out.

As we mentioned earlier in our various articles and write-ups the prime factor around which all the drama is gping to be created will be Aditya- Raman’s son.

Can’t Shagun stay with Mihir (Raj Singh Arora)? Can’t Raman buy a flat for Adi and shift him and Shagun there? Seems to be the question on everyone’s mind but the very questions have been time and again answered by Mrs. Bhalla (Shehnaz Rizwan) and Ishita. Their focus is not Shagun, their focus is Aditya. The 11 year old boy has seen some really disturbing things in the past few days that the best thing to do by him, for him is to not add to his confusion and insecurity and give him a secure-loving environment where he feels at ease and happy.

Yes, Shagun does get the added advantage of plotting and making a move in her ‘Destroy Ishita’s Life’ mission; but be assured this will come crashing down on her itself.

The makers of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein are leaving no stones unturned in creating an entertaining track for the viewers. While we have Shagun’s revenge drama and Mihika’s (Mihika Verma) revenge drama for the drama viewers will also get to see some light and fun moments in the show with the Bhalla Family celebrating Christmas in a rather grand way.

Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan) would want to celebrate Christmas and even Ishita will feel that it would be a good change for all. All the necessary arrangements will be made but the children will get upset as Santa Claus doesn’t show up. Seeing their sad faces Mr Bhalla, Toshi Ji and Bala decide to dress up as Santa unaware of the others planning to do the same.

The kids who are waiting for one Santa will have 4 Santa’s….Yes, 4 is right; Raman will also be seen in Santa costume. After quite some time Aditya will be genuinely happy seeing the love from his family when his mother has painted a completely different picture all these years.

Shagun as usual will be trying to put her plans into action. When Raman leaves to his room Shagun follows him and tries to indulge him in a conversation related to Aditya knowing too well that it’s the only way to get Raman to hear her out.

Well Shagun can try all she wants but Ishita is the one who mended and nurtured Raman’s broken heart and trust with love, patience and loyalty. There is no way Raman is going to give Ishita up because he very well knows that she a blessing sent specially for him for the heaven above.


We are reminded of Ishita’s conversation with Shagun months back when the two met at the SPA Center which goes “You are right, I should Thankyou…..Kyunki aap ko sab kuch mila, aapne chod diya. Jo aapne choda woh mujhe mila lekin I assure you ab jo mujhe mila hai woh main kabhi nahi chodoongi..Kisi ke liye bhi’

Brace yourself guys, you are in for a bumpy but highly interesting drama in Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Vijtha Rajan

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  1. delyla said:

    thanks vijitha, for ur posts…
    we wud b very happy if Ishita & Ramhan b together and solve their problems togethr. we don even like to thm seperated. Even though its a drama. their acting s so nice which always expects us to watch them togethr happy… thts d +++ plus of this drama.. love to see them