A sensible show riddled with toxic dialogues and theatrics; Is this going to be YHM’s legacy?

“Kammaan se nikla hua teer aur zabban se nikle hue alfaaz dono ek se hain. Na kamman se nikal kar teer kabhi wapas aa sakta hai, na hi zabban se nikal jane wale alfaaz’

It simply means that words once spoken can never be taken back, no matter how much you try. Words are said to be the most powerful weapon God has ever created because it has the power to make or break a person. Which is why we are always advised and we advise others too, to choose our words wisely.

As of late Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has been riddled with toxic dialogues and theatrics. Acidic words are spoken at the drop of a hat. It is shocking…YES, shocking for the lack of a better word; to see YHM whose character list contains or rather contained some of the most sensible characters to be ever created on Indian Television say and do things which are impossible to identify with.


Inspired by Maju Kapur’s Custody, YHM has always been one of the best, most original shows from the Balaji Camps. It was Balaji Telefilms come back show on Star Plus after a gap of 2 years and it had to be different and unique. And that’s just it…it was (Repeat with Caps IT TRULY WAS). Regardless of being a family drama, YHM was unlike anything one had seen on Indian Television. Maybe it was the subject that they dealt with during that time, maybe it was the 11:00 PM time slot, maybe it was to do justice to the book from which the story was inspired….the reason could have been anything; fact was YHM had an appeal that enticed the audience. And in spite of being in the fictional zone, it had a sense of realisticity that won over hearts in no time. One of the many reasons that YHM was eons ahead of other shows on Indian Telly was that even in the highly dramatic tracks something about the way the scenes were scripted…the way the characters behaved … the way it all played out looked and felt like they were in place. The bigger picture always made sense and to achieve the same, nothing or no-one had to be butchered at the alter of creativity to bring about the drama flavor. Today that element is missing and it’s disheartening to see what has become of YHM !!!

The current track of YHM witnessed Vandita one of the most loved characters on the show and 1/3 of the trio who made up the Iyer sisters breath her last. It was a hit and run accident caused by Nidhi Chabra while fleeing from another alleged scene of crime. While this truth came out before the Iyers and the Bhalla’s quite recently, the Iyers had already concluded that the culprit was Raman. Since Raman has his own secret mission going on, he refused to fight the claim that tagged him as Vandu’s murderer. What Raman did falls within the realms of his character. This is not typical Raman behavior but close enough. However the most polite way of putting the Iyer’s behavior would be “daft”.


The Senior Iyer’s lost their elder daughter. Bala lost his wife and in both cases that void can never be filled completely. Time may heal the wound but the pain and memories will always remain and resurface. It is completely understandable that when grieving one’s sense of logic and reasoning is thoroughly compromised. Which is why it is easy to understand some aspects of how the Iyer’s behaved when they found out Raman’s car had caused the accident and that Raman was allegedly the murderer. But look at the overall picture and a lot of what happened and especially what was said was simply to add more drama to the plot; which begs the question as to why add unnecessary drama to an already dramatic plot? Why not give it a more real-more natural touch? It wasn’t that hard when the ‘Amma accident’ track unfolded, what changed?

Raman is not perfect, that he has an acid tongue, can be ruthless and mean when anger takes a better hold of him but come what may causing an accident and fleeing, that is not Raman. He willingly takes the blame upon himself but isn’t one bit guilty about it. That in itself screams that something is awfully OFF. Mrs. Iyer is like her son-in-law she always jumps the gun but taking out the anger on her grandchildren, on Pihu who is just an 8 year old child, calling Raman a murderer- repeatedly and purposefully, talking ill about Pihu’s upbringing before the society ladies, disowning Ishita and saying the most hurtful things – Was that really Mrs. Iyer? Yes, she lost her daughter…yes, she was determined to find the culprit and punish him (Raman) but even with that mindset most of what she did, what she said wasn’t anything like the wise albeit judgemental elderly woman we’ve all grown to adore.


Mr. Iyer is undoubtedly one of the sanest characters in the show. He is wise and when he speaks or takes action you know that he commands respect. Even in the most unlikeliest of situation he’s known to be the voice of reason but what was shown of him in this track would leave you baffled. He constantly kept telling Ishita to stand by the truth, that he has always taught her to stand by the truth. But when she did, he completely disregarded her. Was it really that hard to have faith in one’s own child? Bala’s lost his wife, friend, companion, lover and the mother of his children. Yet, the way he reacted made much more sense and completely in line with his character. Even in his state of mourning he tells Ishota that if Raman admits that he is innocent just once; he himself would be the first to stand by his side. But Raman’s admission closes that door. Had he not been in such a state he would have seen right through Raman’s lie but alas!!!


Pain and sorrow makes you do awful things; and grieving parents are entitled to do so but how does one come back after crossing a line? How will Mrs. Iyer look at her grandchild Pihu to whom she kept arguing that your father is a murderer while the little girl cried and said otherwise? How will Mr. and Mrs. Iyer face Raman, the son-in-law who was always a son to him and who they turned against without even giving him the benefit of the doubt?

Maybe it is possible in the world of fiction, after all here the writers have the power to pack up the whole track into a neat bundle, tie it up with a bow and shove it under the rug as if nothing ever happened. As if Mrs. Iyer never said such heartless things, as if Mr. Iyer never closed the door on Adi…. as if it never even existed. Had it been the old YHM we would have simple, meaningful and heart rendering scenes where the characters pondered upon their actions, some monologues and flashbacks of what had happened; all of which kept it more relatable. But Alas!!!!

William Gregory Paige said “There are three things that never come back ; the spent arrow, the spoken word and the lost opportunity”. The words have already been spoken, but will the opportunity to right the wrongs be lost too?

Author: Vijitha Rajan

One Comment;

  1. R.Bhavani said:

    You have expressed what most of the viewers feel about the behaviour of the Iyers. It is despicable. First of all, they failed to show a grieving family. Instead it was a family rooting for the scalp of the murderer. If the writers had ever visited any of the houses where death occurs due to accident caused by somebody they would have noticed that the family is numb wi=th shock. It takes a couple of days for the numbness to wear off. Then the searing pain of loss sets in. They are not in any mood to talk of revenge. But, here the words each and every one of the iyer members uttered was absolutely tripe. The entire Iyer family was sacrificed at the alter of the so called creativity and drama. I wish they observe the reactions of people from different strata of society to make better serials. Modi is giving his clarion call for taking india forward but the serials and the channels constantly showing that their comfort zone is in being regressive, not to mention the PH.