Scene of the Day : Sarla stands by Preeta in Kundali Bhagya

Last week in a rather unexpected moment Sarla ji (Supriya Shukla) accepted Preeta (Shraddha Arya) and Srishti (Anjum Fakih) to be her daughters. Even though the audience knew the relationship between Sarla ji and the girls, what was shown and the way it was shown was a total surprise package. As per the usual norms such matters are delayed as much as possible in prime time dramas so that makers can create drama around it. However here there was no beating around the bush. Sarla ji admitted to being Srishti and Preeta’s mother when the cop tried to question Sarla why she was fighting for such girls and tried to tag Preeta and Srishti as filthy blooded.

Today also we saw something equally unexpected happen in Zee TV’s recently launched spin off show Kundali Bhagya when Sarla reaches Luthra House to stand by her daughters and help them from an accusation that had no base whatsoever; only the power of money and status.

The missing of a ruby from the ancestral necklace worn by Kratika leads to Kareena Luthra accusing Preeta of stealing the same. Reason – Kareena had overheard Preeta talking to someone about how she was in dire need of money. This conversation along with the fact that Preeta came from a middle class family (Yes that is a crucial factor), and that she was fast becoming a favorite of many Luthra’s in the Luthra House leads to Kareena insulting Preeta and then Srishti when she finds out the two were sisters. Nothing Preeta said in her defense mattered because Kareena had already formed her opinion and given her verdict based on all the above mentioned factors. Preeta kept saying she is innocent, that even though she wasn’t well off financially she valued her father’s teachings and would never do anything to hurt his memory or make her fall in her own eyes no matter how much she needed money. But all her words and pleads fell on deaf ears. We would have loved it, and I am sure the readers will agree to this too that the makers should have shown Preeta in a more stronger light instead of shedding tears. Though it is understandable as to why Preeta broke down especially with everything that has been happening ever since the death of her father, the sisters reaching Mumbai and trying to build a life; we definitely missed the Preeta who showed her would be fiancé and his family the door to exit from her life.

On realizing Preeta needed help Srishti calls Sarla. Due to the misunderstanding created from her own perception of Sarla, Srishti does not address Sarla as ‘Ma’, instead she requests Sarla to help them…help Preeta as their landlady. On hearing the news about her daughter being falsely implicated Sarla disconnects the call without saying another word and Srishti believes that her understanding of Sarla was right all along. However Srishti’s perception comes shattering down in the next few minutes when Sarla reaches the Luthra House to stand by her daughter, and even fight with the world if the need surfaced.

Seeing Sarla; Preeta who felt she was fighting a losing battle even when the truth was on her side, simply runs into her mothers arms, cries her heart out and keeps saying she didn’t steal anything. “The best medicine in the world is a mother’s hug” – Anonymous. They say a mother’s hug makes everything better and the moment Sarla embraces Preeta and shows belief in her daughter you can see the relief flooding her face. She is still inconsolable that the Luthra’s did not believe her. Wondering why blame every Luthra? Well Kareena may be the one accusing Preeta, but everybody else’s silence was equivalent to their agreement to the accusations being made. Kareeena does not budge from her stance, and keeps insulting and taunting Preeta even more. “Tere aasoon motiyon se bhi keemti hai beta” – Sarla says this one line and then we witness the tigress she has always been especially when it comes to her daughters. If earlier it was Pragya and Bulbul, today it is Preeta and Srishti.

The same questions asked by Rishabh (Manit Joura) to the Inspector when Srishti was arrested is repeated by Sarla. She demands to know on what basis Preeta is being accused? She even goes on to accuse Kareena to make her point. But woh kehte hai na bhains ke aage been bajake koi faida nahi . Sarla stands by Preeta, fights with everyone for her daughter…for her daughter’s swabhimaan, and eventually when the cops arrive asks them to arrest her because they were anyways going to make an arrest without proper investigation. A mother can go to any lengths to protect her child and that is exactly what we see here. Preeta and Srishti always kept Sarla at an arms length. To ensure her daughter’s stayed with her, and did not suffer in a city that they were relatively new to; Sarla too showcased herself as the selfish woman they believed her to be. But those who have seen Kumkum Bhagya knows what kind of a mother Sarla is and today Kundali Bhagys’s fans saw the same.

Though it took Rishabh and Kratika (The former more) to solve the issue and bring the truth of Preeta’s innocence to the fore; the way Sarla stood be her daughter, questioned the so called ‘paison se ameer, dil se gareeb’ people and promised that she would never allow anything to happen to her daughter’s as long as she was alive certainly stole the show. Today once again Sarla showed a side of her personality that is unknown to Preeta and Srishti. Will this create doubts in the sister’s mind, as to know what happened that a mother who was seen fighting tooth and nail for her daughters today chose to stay away from them years ago?

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Author: Vijitha Rajan