Savirti Devi Hospital- Things To Look Forward And Expect From The Show

Medical dramas have always been very intriguing and nobody can forget Dill Mill Gaye and Sanjeevani; the shows that have set a benchmark in Indian television in reforming the dramas. Colors who has been launching new shows is now bringing back the old charm of medical dramas.

The promos of the show Savritri Devi Hospital has brought in a lot of expectations because of the story line which is going to revolve around the lives of the people associated with the hospital. Well with the show starting from 15th May, we wanted to bring you some high points of the show.

A new medical drama: It is going to be a completely new medical drama that is going to focus on the lives of these doctors and medical interns. The hospital is witness to many things happened in the past and the debacle of fighting responsibilities or choosing money over passion is going to form the crux in this medical drama.

Comeback of Varun Kapoor: Varun Kapoor who won hearts with the role of Sanskaar in the same channel makes a comeback in the show playing a fun loving doctor on the show. Now the aura of such a charming doctor is already going to be present there and along with that it is going to be interesting to see Varun fit in the role after paying the serious and mature Sanskaar Maheshwari.

Revenge Drama: In the earlier promos we have already had a glimpse that there was some past stories and equations that need to be settled and that is why Shilpa Shirodkar’s character will be entering the show. She has some scores to settle with the dean of the hospital played by Mohan Kapoor and that is also the reason why she made her daughter Sanchi a doctor.

Power-pack performance from the cast: The group of actors that are in the show are all really good actors right form veteran actors like Mohan Kapoor and Shilpa Shirodkar to the Marathi actress Swarda Thigale who is going to play the lead in the show. As shown in the promos the actors are putting their best foot out.

Another love story: There is definitely going to be a love story in this show; that is so clear with the two equally good looking male actors there. The question however is with whom will the actress be paired with? The flirt and easy going or the serious, mature and responsibility driven one.

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Author: Shreya.P