Satrupa saves Lakshya; learns about the danger heading towards Anami in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh.

Star Plus show Rishton Ka Chakravyuh is quite an interesting watch. The nature of the conflicts and the game of chess that seems to be going on between the characters; some knowing and some unknowing keeps the show sharp and interesting.

As per the current happenings in the show Lakshya (Devyansh Tapuria) has been kidnapped – courtesy Sudha (Sangita Ghosh). Satrupa (Narayani Shastri) who is aware of Sudha’s malicious nature and that she has kidnapped the young boy plans to find Lakshya and save him from Sudha’s evil clutches hoping that it can bring her closer to Anami (Mahima Makhwana).

Anami’s current predicament is such that she does not know whom to believe. While she did grow suspicious of Sudha earlier in the show; the woman consenting to sign legal papers that ends all her ties with Baldev (Ajay Chaudhary) and Lal Mahal forces her to think otherwise.What Anami doesn’t know is that Sudha has turned into her biggest enemy and planso kill her soon.

The upcoming episodes of the show will see Anami and Adhiraj teaming up together to find Lakshya. So will they succeed? NO!!!

On the other hand Satrupa will reach Lakshya and save the boy but will be shocked to learn that her daughter’ life is in danger.

Will Satrupa be able to change Anami’s outlook towards her so that they can team up against Sudha?

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