Sang e Mar Mar, Tainted with Ignorance !

Third episode of sang e mar mar sheds more light on the town of Gadhi Baran and life style of its residents. This town is strictly following the centuries old customs and women’s lives are totally controlled by men. Women too are so used to these customs that they don’t seem to have any hope or wish left to be freed from these ridiculous rules.

In this episode Aurang s worried about the health of his sister in law who seems to be sick, he asks his brother to take her to city and get her checked up in some hospital but his brother refuses on the grounds that he doesn’t want any male doctor to see his wife and above all he cant afford to make his father Gulistan Khan angry, who will go crazy if he finds out his daughter in law went to city for a medical check up as he thinks cities are unethical places, especially for women. Frustrated Aurang tries to get help from a strong voter in the house, his sister Bano as he knows Gulistan Khan often gives in to Bano’s requests. When he goes to visit Bano he meets Palwasha and Bano again insults Palwasha and accuses her of trying to seduce Aurang.

Shireen’s friend has received a tape recorder and a love letter from some unknown guy who claims to be in love with her even though he hasn’t seen her face. Shireen tries to stop her from walking this dangerous path and says that this affair would eventually result in their death, but like all naïve girls, Durkhanay too seeks freedom from closely monitored and full of restrictions life style, so she is ready to hold any hand offering help. Shireen’s friend decides to go meet the love letter guy despite Shireen’s warning and is willing to face whatever it costs.

Shameem (Aurang’s mother) tells Aurang that she wants Palwasha as her daughter in law and wishes to marry her with Gauhar, this scene reveals Aurang’s true feelings towards Palwasha, he sure loves her a lot as he tries to stop his mother by giving different excuse i.r Gauhar and Bano hate Tora and his sister, etc.

Aurang is frustrated because Gulistan Khan refused to allow Gula Lai to go see a doctor in city, he asks his mother how did she spend all her life with such narrow minded person. In this scene we see Shameem is a simple yet intelligent woman who knows if she cant change things, she should accept her fate to maintain peace in the house as she tells him that Gulistan Khan is not all bad, he made some sacrifice for her which is unexpected from a person like that.

This episode reveals the truth behind Tora Khan’s mother and her death. She was a Bengali woman, when Shahbaz Khan (Tora’s father) brought her home to introduceher to his family, Tora Khan was already 4 years old. Gulistan Khan’s family ridiculed her because of her skin color and their ignorance to her culture. Rakhshi (Tora’s mother) gives up everything to get acknowledged by her in laws. She stops wearing her favourite dress “Sari” because her father in law Baran Khan thinks that’s un Islamic and vulgar dress. But one day when it was raining she is reminded of her country so she wears sari and starts dancing to a Bengali song. Gulistan Khan sees her and gets furious, he beats her up mercilessly and breaks her legs, she dies after a few months. Tora Khan who was a kid at that time sees the whole incident and is still holding on to his mothers saris. Hes still unable to forget what Gulistan Khan did to his mother. Aurang is shocked to hear about his father’s another sin.

The beauty of this drama is that it shows all aspects of the culture, even though men are apparently in control of everything still they get sometimes get manipulated by women. We are shown all types of characters in the drama, from innocent carefree girls to cunning and evil gossiping women. From ruthless and selfish men to caring and loving fathers and brothers.

Rida Khan