“Saif likes me in every way’ – Kareena Kapoor Khan

Now that her son Taimur is one, what does the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan have to say about motherhood. We catch up with the actress who scorched the ramp when pregnant and soon after she delivered her baby….

Q) Now that your son Taimur is almost one year old (December 20), can you tell us what is that most beautiful thing about becoming mother?
Kareena Kapoor Khan: The feeling on becoming a mother is indescribable! I just want to keep looking at my son, he’s so cute.

Q) Is Taimur more like his father, Saif Ali Khan, or you?
KKK: People say that he looks like his grandfather but I feel he looks like Saif. But over time the features keep changing so it’s difficult to say.

Q) What is the significance of motherhood in your life?
KKK: My mother used to say you will know the feelings of being a mother when you become one. And sure enough today I understand the meaning of motherhood. If I am out my heart keeps beating for Taimur till I reach home. He is 24/7 on my mind.

Q) Do you feel tied down as a mother?
KKK: Oh no! Becoming a mother is the best thing that has happened to me. This is the most beautiful phase of my life.

Q) You did ramp modelling when you were pregnant and soon after Taimur was born. You were so confident of your figure?
KKK: Not only my figure, I am also confident of my total personality. I know for sure whether pregnant or a mother, fat or slim I will always be happy and healthy. And when a person is happy he will always look good and be loved by the audience. I was proud to be pregnant and remember pregnancy is not an illness, that’s why I was modelling. And now that I am back in shape I have no problem to model again.

Q) What’s been Saif’s reaction on parenthood?
KKK: Saif is very happy. Taimur’s birth has made him more energetic. Even otherwise Saif has been a perfect husband whatever the situation. He likes me in every way.

Q) You worked right till the end of your delivery and resumed work just a few months into Taimur’s birth. It appears you want to set some kind of trend for today’s women?
KKK: Nothing of that sort. This is my job which I continue doing. Nowhere is it mentioned that one should sit at home when pregnant. Many women in other professions also work till the last days of their pregnancy and resume work a few months after their delivery. The more active one stays the fitter.

Q) You continued working for so long after marriage. Now that you are a mother will you continue to do the same?
KKK: Acting is my passion and I will never give it up. Presently my son is my priority and I will give him my full attention. After that I will focus on my career.

Q) What kind of a father is Saif? Does he change Taimur’s diapers
KKK: Absolutely. Saif is a modern papa. He has no qualms about changing nappies and neither is he embarrassed. He is a good father!

Q) There was a lot of angry trolling when you named your son Taimur!
KKK: Arey he is my son and I can give him any name. Why are some people taking it personally!

Q) What do you miss the most after becoming mother ?
KKK: My sleep! Ever since Taimur was born I have to stay up nights and it gets difficult to get sleep. When everyone is sleeping it’s playtime for Taimur and when everyone is sleeping he is wide awake. But whatever the hour, I enjoy watching him. I love Taimur more that my sleep. He has brought a lot of happiness into my life!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena