‘Saif Ali Khan is a true gentleman’ – Jacqueline Fernandez

As A Gentleman nears release Jacqueline Fernandez who plays the leading lady in the film lets us in on some interesting details about the film and herself…..

Q) Jacqueline what do you have to say about your upcoming release A Gentleman?

A gentleman is an action, drama comedy with several twists and turns. Sidharth Malhotra who has a double role in the film is a gentleman as one character and full of mischief in the other character. I play his girlfriend who he is always trying to please. It’s a comedy which the audience will surely love.

Q) In real life how would you rate Sidharth as a gentleman?

I would give him full marks! He is good hearted, honest and truthful and our life stories are very similar. Like neither of us had any connection in the film industry when we joined. I know him well because I worked with him in Brothers also, where I played his bhabi. Now I play his romantic interest in A Gentleman. His character is simple, loves to cook and harbours small dreams. He wants that when he marries he cooks for his wife and make her very happy.

Q) In real life who between the two of you can cook?

Sidharth cannot even boil an egg! Yes I can cook and make good cakes and cookies. Whenever I am free I like to try out new dishes and like to cook for friends and family. On the sets also if I am in the mood I cook!

Q) According to you who is a true gentleman in the film industry?

Saif Ali Khan is a true gentleman! He knows how to respect and treat women. I remember when he met my mother at an event he kissed her hand and was so chivalrous. My mother was so happy and still remembers him fondly.

Q) Everyone takes away something from their films. What did you take from A Gentleman?

Sidharth taught me however stressed one is, one should never let it affect one’s behaviour as slowly things will be normal again. His character in A Gentleman also teaches the same.

Q) You have worked with everyone from Amitabh Bachchan to Salman Khan to Akshay Kumar.

I worked with Amitji in my very first film, Aladin and felt the magic of his personality. He is very friendly but everyone is scared of approaching him. When I met him I could barely speak. Akshay Kumar on the other hand is full of mischief and one is always in splits when one works with him. He is so obsessed with fitness that lazy people stay away from him. Working with Salman Khan in Kick changed my life. Not only did I get a good friend like him but my career also shot upwards because of Kick.

Q) You are working with Varun Dhawan and director David Dhawan in Judwaa 2. What was it like on the sets?

Great fun! I enjoyed myself thoroughly and David sir is such a fun person. The sequel is being made after 20 years and the day Salman Khan who was in the original came on the sets to shoot for special appearance he has in the film, we had a blast. The film is turning out very well.

Q) Taapsee Pannu is your co-star in the film. How was it working with her?

Taapsee and I became great friends whilst working in the film. She used to make parathas for me and taught me Punjabi words like chakde phatte! In fact both she and Varun would teach me Punjabi words.

Q) You are doing Remo D’Souza’s dance based film with Salman Khan also.

Yes, that’s true. Since it’s a dance based film it will definitely be great fun working in it. Salman and I have started rehearsing and doing workshops together to match steps with Remo.

Q) If you were to name who is the better actor between Sidharth and Varun who would you choose?

Actually both have different personalities so it’s difficult to name one, but yes, they have some common qualities. Like both are honest and respect their elders.

Q) You have done a pole dance in A Gentleman. How easy or difficult was that?

Oh it was very difficult because mostly this dance is done by athletes. Since we were in Miami and pole dance is popular there I wanted to do it but it was not easy and I even hurt myself once.

Q) Are you keen on Hollywood films?
Yes I am keen to do Hollywood films and am trying my luck there, but I have not got an attractive enough offer. If I get something I like I will definitely do it.

Interviewed by : Arti Saxena