‘Saif Ali Khan was my first crush’ – Parineeti Chopra

Her energy is infectious and her screen presence captivating. We caught up with the lively Parineeti Chopra for a candid chat….

Q) Parineeti in a short span of time since you made your debut six years ago; you have received several nominations and awards. What is your take on your acting career?

I still have to learn a lot. I feel have not even taken the first step.

Q) As an actress, what kind of characters attracts you?

An actress is always on the lookout for good roles and it’s my desire that I get to play off- beat characters. Otherwise I would love to play a historical figure, and the one my cousin Priyanka Chopra played in Barfi!

Q) Were you by any way influenced by Priyanka to join film?

Priyanka was always special among us cousins because she was always one step ahead of everything and I really looked up to her. But regarding films, the decision was sudden. I was offered Ladies v/s Rickly Bahl when I was working with Yash Raj Films in the Public Relations department and I took up the offer.

Q) What is your take on doing intimate scenes in films?

An actress cannot turn a blind eye to doing intimate scenes. I take it as part of my profession.

Q) Which leading lady do you consider as your competitor?

According to me every actress has her own draw and charm. Otherwise I like Alia Bhatt a lot and I have always been a huge fan of Rani Mukherji.

Q) Who was your first crush?

I really like Saif Ali Khan and he was my first crush. And even today he is my favourite hero.

Q) Tell us, would you put on weight for a role?

No! I lost weight with great difficulty so I really wouldn’t do a film where I have to put on weight. Also I have a tendency to put on weight very quickly and I don’t know if I put on weight to play a character I would be able to lose it quickly!

Q) What is that one thing that you don’t like about being an actress?

I don’t like the fact that once we become public figures, our personal life ends. But the fact that you are loved by so many people, your own and by those not even your own is delightful.

Q) Is there any habit you have, that you would like to get rid of?

I have this dirty habit of biting my nails. Whenever I am very stressed I start biting my nails and I really want to get rid of this habit.

Q) What are you most afraid of?

I am petrified of snakes. If I spot a snake in front of me I would freeze.

Q) Any role you would give your right arm to play?

Yes! Priyanka’s character Jhimil in Barfi! and in Mary Kom. I would love to play them both.

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena