‘Romancing to me means love, not flirting around’ – Shraddha Kapoor

Her recently released film, Half Girlfriend, talks about a different kind of relationship, where a boy and girl are more than friends but not exactly a couple! Does she believe in this kind of relationship (Half girlfriend), would she like to be anyone’s half girlfriend, how romantic is she in real life? The beautiful Shraddha Kapoor shares her thoughts

Q) Till now you have done mostly romantic films. How romantic are you in real life?

Oh, I am very romantic in real life, but romancing to me means being in love, not just flirting around.

Q) Would you be someone’s half girlfriend?

I don’t believe in half -baked relationships. So, I certainly would not be someone’s half girlfriend! I would like to be a full girlfriend.

Q) Does that mean there is someone special in your life?

As of now there is no special person in my life. My first love is my work and there is no time for anything else. I am happy being single for now as I want to take my career to a certain level.

Q) You have done several films. Is there any Bollywood hero you are close to?

If I take any one hero’s name the others will get annoyed! Frankly, all my leading men have very special qualities. Like Shahid Kapoor is a great dancer, I think Varun Dhawan is very versatile, Arjun Kapoor very emotional and very lively and Farhan Akhtar is very intelligent!

Q) And who is your favourite amongst the heroines?

I like all the heroines, but Alia Bhatt is my favourite. She is very alluring and has this X factor which is not there in other heroines.

Q) Take Baaghi and now Half Girlfriend. You have done several rain sequences in films. In real life do you love the rainy season?

Oh I love the rains, especially the first shower. That’s the time I cannot control myself and just have to get drenched in the first rainfall!

Q) You are so fond of singing. Would you like to take it up as a profession?

Yes, I love singing but I cannot make it into a career. I am not that perfect in singing like I am in acting. I can do any kind of role but I still have to train and learn a lot in singing.

Q) Is there any role you would love to do?

I would love to do comedy but have not been offered any role till now. According to me making people laugh is very difficult and I would like to attempt something challenging. I am also very keen to do a historical.

Q) Your dad is also an actor. Who are you closer to, your mom or dad?

I am closer to my mom as I can share everything with her. I love my father a lot also, but I am a little scared of him.

Q) Hema Malini called you the most beautiful actress. What do you have to say about that?

Hema Malini herself is the Dream Girl! So coming from her there is no better compliment

Interviewed: Arti Saxena