The rightful heir returns to Lal Mahal – Rishton Ka Chakravyuh *Promo Analysis*

When the initial promos of Star Plus show Rishton Ka Chakravyuh were aired, the one question that featured prominently in all of them was “Jab lahoon ka sancha rang hai, maa beti mein phir kaisi jung hai?” (Meaning: When the color of blood is true (As in pure), then why this battle between a mother-daughter?)

11 Episodes down; the premises of the show has been set, and we finally get to know what the much touted battle between the mother-daughter duo (Narayani Shastri-Mahima Makhwana) is all about.

Maharani Satrupa (Narayani Shastri) of Lal Mahal gives birth to a pair of twins – a boy and a girl. Soon after the birth of the twins; Satrupa gives away her daughter, who is raised by a Pandit and his wife. The girl – Anami (Mahima Makhwana); grows up into a courageous rebellious no-nonsense young woman who harbors nothing but hatred for her birth-mother aka Satrupa. The death of Vatsalya (Devashri Shah) – Satrupa’s son and the legal heir to a mammoth empire, is plotted and executed by Pujan (Praneet Bhat) leaving the empire bereft sans a successor.

The reason as to why Anami was given away is still hazy as only a few layers of the truth has been peeled off; like in one of the most recent episodes aired it was shown that Satrupa did what she did on the advice of the family Guruji (Tom Alter). The effect of ‘Kaal’ (Read: Time, but in this context as death) has been hovering over Lal Mahal, and to escape from its effect or at least delay it as much as possible, Guruji had asked Satrupa to send away the elder twin –Vatsalya; to keep the baby safe. But selfishness got the better of Satrupa and she failed to follow Guruji’s advice to the ‘T’. The daughter was sent away and boy was brought up as the sole legal heir. The prediction turned out to be true because the child who was sent away lives today and the other one is dead.

At a glance it does not come across as Satrupa was against her daughter or didn’t want a daughter but the family politics within the 4 walls of Lal Mahal; especially with regard to power led to Satrupa keeping the baby boy with her and giving away the baby girl.

To stop Punjan’s son – Avdhoot from becoming the next heir because Vatsalya is dead and there is no apparent heir, Satrupa decides to bring Anami back to Lal Mahal. As per the recent on-air promo Avdhoot’s Padgi Rasam (Declaring Avdhoot as the heir) is about to take place, but Satrupa enters the function with Anami in tow and introduces her at the rightful heir of the empire – “Ruko….Iss pagdi ki asli haqdaar, aapki pothi hai!”

Everybody is shocked to see Satrupa declaring Anami as her daughter and the rightful heir but they are completely taken back when Anami takes the pagdi and drops it into the holy fire “Jab saari ladai iss pagdi ko lekar hai, toh bas swaha kar do iss pagdi ko”. The promo ends with a close-up shot of Anami where her attitude is at its peak; kinda hinting how this new storm is all set to take on Laal Mahal and its residents.

Symbolism: The first thing that Anami does (as per the promo) once she enters Lal Mahal is burn the pagdi. It sure was a rebellious act but it was also symbolic. Fire is seen as a force of purification – ‘Agni Shuddhi’. Out of the five elements it is only one which does not become impure after purifying something. Throwing the pagdi – which marks the heir (First Vatsalya and almost Avdhoot) into the fire can be symbolic of how Anami’s entry is going to change at Lal Mahal. Age-old rituals, girl child not being considered as heir etc. was seen becoming ‘Swaha’ (Burnt to ashes) with Anami’s arrival.

Anami was not raised like how Vatsalya was raised. She did not have protection 24×7 or many restrictions imposed upon her for the past 17 years of her life. Living in Benaras and being raised as the daughter of a normal couple has taught her how to survive in this world. And above everything else Anami is fearless- she isn’t afraid of speaking her mind out, does not hesitate getting into fights with goons if the occasion calls for it and dpes not bow before anyone except her god – Lord Shiva. She is the complete opposite of what Vatsalya was and hence the upcoming drama is going to be really interesting because like I said – A storm or like Anami says a Tsunami has entered Lal Mahal and as far as I know it is not easy to tame a Tsunami especially a raging one.

Apart from Anami and Satrupa’s equation and how it will evolve over time, we are more interesting in the aspect of how a daughter who is considered by as ‘paraya dhan’ (Other’s property) in our society, will become the sole rightful heir of an empire as gigantic as this one and the challenges she will face and overcome in that path.

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Author: Vijitha Rajan