Review – Tanhaiyan Impressive Series!

My friends would always binge watch downloaded Yankie TV shows on the net. I guess I will have first experience of the same when I will check out all 10 episodes (uploaded in one go) of Surbhi Jyoti and Barun Sobti starrer web series Tanhaiyan in the next two or three days.

I have just finished watching 3 today and must say I am impressed. Maker Gul Khan has crafted a gripping wedding backdrop (Surbhi and Barun friends are getting hitched) narrative so far. All the characters Haider (Barun), Meera (Surbhi) Sid, Avanti and Tanya etc are very modern and can be identified with. The female characters (Meera and her three friends) are very today, they drink, have extramarital relationships and wear short clothes etc Haider is shown as a player who does not take advantage of a drunk Meera who was leading him on (Remind’s you of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge).

He looks smashing with beard look, I am sure women and some guys might wana eat him raw. He is also showing his weak side i.e. his brother’s suicide which is gnawing him from inside very well.

Surbhi on the other hand is playing a broken women (Her parents death has shattered her) who is trying to be strong with élan. She looks ravish and should definitely try out more bolder roles in films. Her statement about not being judgmental about one night stands was spot on.

Gul has also kept the traditional elements alive of where girls don’t like premarital sex, or are afraid of all hell breaking loose, if their husband’s comes to know that they are not virgins (Bride had slept with the groom’s buddy)

Will watch more episodes tonight and hope the real drama of romance between Haider and Meera really starts soon, the build up has been good and the characters have been well established.

There is just one drawback the plot line is quite Bollywood, given the freedom of the format they could have gone much more edgier, Agreed open talk about sex is itself something new though.

Anil Merani