*REVIEW* Hindi medium breaks all the stereotypes and stands out in Indian cinema

The year 2017 sure looks like a year for new idea and views when it comes to Indian movies. Although a land of diversity we can’t agree less on the fact that English has played a major role in determining the class of our society. In a country like India where the language is considered as a measure to find intelligence; Irfan khan starer Hindi Medium is a movie everyone should watch.

Mita and Raj Batra are an affluent couple from Delhi’s Chandni Chowk who are really concerned about their daughter’s education. Giving her the best education is a priority for the husband wife duo. They want to make sure their daughter has a good command over English unlike theirs as they all try to fit in this English medium society.

The movie is all applauds and cheers for its great writing, storytelling and comic timing.

Breaking the stereotypes about typical Bollywood movie this comes like a breath of fresh air with all the simple yet OTT drama happening. The movie takes the correct dig at our educational system and where exactly the change is needed along with highlighting how change needs to be begun at home.

Irfan khan is at his best portraying a man who is torn between simplicity and then wannabe posh avatar while Saba slays it completely as the bossy wife who can go to any extreme OTT level. In fact she amuses you and leaves you entertained thoroughly. In fact you are likely to empathize with Qamar when she says, “Iss desh me angrezi zabaan nahi, class hai,”

Not just that the logic of Irfan khan’s India is English and English is India logic makes you leave in fits of laughter.

Well we have to agree that director Saket Chaudhary has done a fantastic job after his previous movies Pyaar Ke Side Effects and Shaadi Ke Side Effects. The comedy and the story of the movie makes it an enthralling experience and a one that you want to take again and again.

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Author: Shreya P