‘I realized how wonderful life can be when Haarsh came into it’ – Bharti Singh

She lost weight, not for beau Haarsh Limbachiyaa but so that she looked good in her wedding clothes! This and more reveals comedienne Bharti Singh who is all set to tie the knot on December 3 in Goa…

Q) Bharti your wedding card looks very interesting. Who designed it?

The card has been designed by Puneet Gupta. I wanted my wedding invite to be unique. That’s why it has me carrying the groom on my shoulders and not the other way around! We added this comic touch because I am a comedienne.

Q) Looks like it’s going to be the big fat Indian wedding!

Yes, like all girls I also had this childhood dream of having a fairy tale wedding which would be memorable. There will also be a mata ki chowki in which all friends and family will participate, after which there will be the kangan ceremony and a traditional wedding.

Q) What about your honeymoon plans?

Yes we are planning our honeymoon in Europe where we will visit different cites like Spain and Italy. We will be there for 25 days.

Q) Haarsh, (Haarsh Limbachiyaa) your fiancée is seven years younger than you!

Love does not see age or anything else! Haarsh and I have known each other for several years and there is love and understanding between us. That’s the reason we decided to get married otherwise it’s scary to get married these days.

Q) What is Haarsh’s unique quality that attracted you to him?

Actually, he used to laugh the most on seeing me and I always wondered why. When I asked him why he laughed so much on seeing me, he said it was because I looked so cute. He would also write my scripts for Comedy Circus so we would discuss the lines and soon became thick friends. Soon this friendship blossomed into love. And once he came into my life I realized how wonderful life can be.

Q) What’s your family’s reaction to your wedding?

My family is very happy especially my mother who had a desire that her daughter should get married with pomp and show. She was happy that I found a nice guy and she likes him a lot. In fact my entire family likes Haarsh a lot that’s why the wedding celebrations have doubled.

Q) You also lost weight for Haarsh!

Not for Haarsh but because I wanted to look good in my designer wedding dress!

Q) Did you ever think that your wedding would be so lavish?

No never. I was so fat that my family thought that it would be impossible to get me married. When I came into this line there were very few girls doing comedy and I made my own identity with Comedy Circus and Laughter Challenge! I wanted to prove that a fat girl can achieve anything and I did. And today I am lucky that I got such a loving husband like Haarsh.

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena