Ravish and Vividha- A Couple of Friendship and Understanding!

There have been several love stories show cased in the Indian shows. Some have had endings like no other while the starting of the some have been very different. While all this is kept into thought there is a show in Starplus right now where the journey of the couple is like no other.

The story of Ravish and Vividha is the one where the male lead loved Vividha so much that he could let her go. Ravish was the boy whom Vividha got married to still being in love with Atharva. Ravish was also the same person who turned out to be the step brother of Atharva. Without having any sort of harsh feelings towards his brother he fulfilled all the duties and rightfully remained by the side of Vividha in any case.

Well and maybe because of this very reason the couple is together right now celebrating their bond. The bond that has more of friendship than love and more of understanding than expectations. In fact it has more of care and trust than anything else and this is what probably they mean by love can happen at any instance and anywhere else.

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