Raghav’s throws a googly for Naina’s safety; will it hit the wicket?

When you have a wife, Yes…Wife who won’t believe you even when you speak the truth, is too adamant to accept the help offered…Bechara pati karega kya other than using every trick in the book?

Get ready to see something on these lines in Star Plus drama Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil where Naina is planning to leave the city because she believes that Raghav is trying to harm her child. Naina has decided to believe the goons words that Raghav is behind all of it. But has Naina given any thought as to why? Why would Raghav want to harm the child? Well that is something the writers are working upon (Pun intended).


Technically there is no reason for Raghav to harm the unborn baby. The only reason anyone can come up with is that the baby was the reason Raghav and Naina split up; but to be honest was there truly a bond other than few misunderstandings and a legal contract that binded them in matrimony? Would Raghav truly want to harm the baby for this reason? Dekha jaaye toh in Indian Telly people have killed for less, but lets keep that aside and get ready with our popcorn’s and soft drinks for the drama that is about to unfold.

Raghav has thrown a googly and looks like this will hit the wicket. Raghav has understood that somebody is trying to harm Naina and her unborn child. After consuming the poisoned apple he found out that it’s an extremely dangerous poison and that it causes maximum harm to an unborn child if consumed by its pregnant mother. Raghav recalls how the apple belonged to Naina and that if he hadn’t offered his food, Naina would have lost her child after eating the apple. His fears are confirmed when he is unable to reach her and when he finally does, finds her in a disheveled state after trying to keep herself and the baby safe. On being tagged as the villain in this story; Raghav is certain that somebody desperately wants the child dead.

With the goon accusing Raghav of sending him and the others to harm Naina, Raghav’s chances of keeping Naina safe has diminished to being non-existent. There is no way she will accept his help. For all the pain Naina has allegedly caused Raghav can walk away from all of this, but if does, the guilt will haunt him forever. Also that is not how his Dada and Dadi raised him.


If Naina is not going to willingly accept Raghav’s help looks like Raghav is going to ensure that she accepts it unwillingly. Last night’s episode ended on a rather interesting note with Raghav addressing Naina’s unborn baby, who in reality is not even her baby, but her surrogate baby as ‘OUR’ child. This shocks Naina and she is unable to understand what’s happening.

From the looks of it Raghav is going to exercise his rights as Naina’s husband. As per the precap Raghav shows Naina their divorce papers which has her signatures, but not his. He also tells her that he never filed their divorce. If what Raghav is saying is true, then Naina is still Raghav’s lawfully wedded wife. If he wishes can request the judicial system to order Naina to return back home, or that they stay together for 6 months before filing for divorce (considering they are in India) or an ‘N’ number of things, just to make sure that Naina and the Baby are safe. Remember the movie Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya?


If what Raghav is saying is not true, and the papers he showed Naina are false just to trick her into believing (which we hope is not the case) still it works in favor of the drama and entertainment quotient of the show.

It is as clear as day that Naina and her child’s life is in danger and Raghav is left with no choice but to use the ‘ram baan’ to get her to comply. What he has planned only time will tell, but looks like Mr. Mehra has taken it upon himself to be her savior. But then he always was…wasn’t he?

Author- Vijitha Rajan

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  1. m.farah said:

    lovely write up..loving pmhmd..drashti is amazing as naina and so is arjun as raghav..they both have awesome chemistry.best wishes..to team pmhmd..